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Quick Tips to Internet Millions with Articles

Aug 17, 2007
Are you trying earn a living online? Writing articles can be one of the best ways to promote your online business. Here are some quick tips for writing and submitting your own articles.

Tip#1: Article Length

When choosing an article for your website or distribution, make sure that its length is optimal for search engine optimization. Articles that are as short as 300 words or as long as 700 words should fit into this category. Even if search engine optimization is not your goal, it is still a good idea to keep your articles at this length for your reader's sake. They are not likely to finish your page if it is any longer. This could leave them with only half of the information you wanted them to have or leave them with the impression that your site is just plain too 'wordy'.

Most people online do not want to read a website page as they would a book, so the shorter the better - even if this means splitting one long idea into 4 or 5 pages. Be sure to label each section so that the reader can pick and choose which part they want to read or so they know what is coming up next.

Tip#2: Placing Affiliate Links

How your affiliate links are positioned on your article can really make a difference on how many potential clicks you end up getting. This is very important since every click could mean a potential sale.

Research has shown that the most effective affiliate links are text links - not big flashy banner ads like most affiliate websites are cluttered with. Your article and your link have to work effectively together to drive interested readers to your site. A bad article and an unrelated link to an unknown product are just going to confuse your potential customers and simply drive them away.

If at all possible be sure that the link text is the same as your own site - the search engines will be able to cross reference the link to the title properly.

Tip#3: Keyword Density

Keyword density and placement are important parts of optimizing your articles for search engines. Search engine spiders scan a page in a way that makes it important to place your keywords where they will be detected and recognized as a keyword, so that your article will come up when someone searches for that keyword.

A keyword is a word that is going to be placed in your article several times, not just once as that would make every word a keyword. When a spider sees that you have a word placed several times in an article, it will determine that your page may be useful to users that search for such a keyword.

Keyword density is how many times your keyword is placed in your article. Most use a percentage to determine how many times they will put a keyword in an article. For instance, if you have a 500 word article and want to achieve a keyword density of 5%, then you will need to have the keyword in your article exactly 25 times. You can find hundreds of resources and guides recommending one keyword density over another and the reasons behind the logic, however, in the end you will have to determine which density is more profitable for your articles.

No matter what exact density you choose, it is important to place keywords so that there are more at the beginning and end to produce an hour glass effect. Having the right keyword density in your article makes it more likely that you will make money off of that article because it will rise in the search engine results and be seen by more people.

Articles are probably the best way today to drive traffic and grow your own product or affiliate business to internet millions!
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