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Top 5 Secrets To Blogging

Aug 17, 2007
Blogging may be just words or a site to you. But to blog effectively here are the Top 5 Secrets To Blogging.

No. 1 Secret - CONTENT IS KING

Yesh, you hear me right. Content is the most important in creating any blog. Without good content, will readers actually bother to come back to read your site?

Not only must you have good content but it must be off quality content and do not be too concern about how your blog layout looks like! Anyway people come to your site is for the content not to see your nice graphics.

Be as honest as you get in your articles. Do not be afraid to share your ideas in your comments, in fact the more honest and open I was in my articles I realized there were more people sharing my information around the Internet.

No. 2 Secret - Find A Good Niche Topic

Before, you go out there setup your domain or blog. You first have to decide what topic you want your blog to talk about? Lets say you are good at playing soccer and you want to focus on writing about soccer related topics. Find a good niche market on the internet to find out what people like to know about soccer and create a blog or site based on soccer only!

Meaning those who visit your site often are the people that are generally interested to know about the topic you want to share!

Talk most of the time of topics related on Internet Marketing . Have you ever seen me write an article about dog food and soccer?

No. 3 Secret - Forums

Go to forums! Join communities that are related to your topics and share information in the forums to share put your signature link in the forums to get more information to your site.

No. 4 Secret - Install Feedburner

If you have a blog, and you are not getting index by Google. You must install FeedBurner to your site. FeedBurner will help you announce to search engines what you have posted on to your blog to allow RSS readers to subsruibe to your site and at the same time the search engine will index your entries on your site! More about Feedburner here

No. 5 Secret - Register with Technorati.com

Because my website is not only a site but it is also a blog, I can submit my site to Blog Search Engine. One very famous Blog search engine you must know is Technoarti.com. I got free traffic coming from Technoarti.com every time I post something up onto my blog. It is very useful
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