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Evolution Stages Of An In Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
There are a number of stages that any business will evolve through as it grows and matures. Home business operations are no different in this regard, so it is important to understand these stages, prepare for them and avoid disruption to your customers as well as disruption to your revenues. We will review these stages briefly in this article.

The stages that any business develops though whether it is a home business or a business with a start inside a major corporation can be summarized as follows - Business Concept, business evaluation, launch preparations and launch, start up and initial operations and evolution beyond the entrepreneurial stage.

Each of these stages are critical and should be given the appropriate attention they deserve to ensure success. In addition different skills are required during start up for example compared to more mature operations and year over year revenue growth.

A companies life cycle can be divided into two major activities. Initially the focus is on start up, securing funding, building initial services and products and delivering those products and services. The search for customers can be all consuming and everyone in the company, whether it is a one person operation or a company of five must multitask and do what is necessary to launch and build the initial customer base. The skills required at this stage are more entrepreneurial and imply strong commitment and faith to the concept the company is being built around.

Once the company or home business has reached year over year growth cycles and is well on the way to becoming stable and generating revenue, the entrepreneurs typically do not do well in this environment. Hiring professional managers with experience in the areas that your home business has decided to specialize in will ensure continuing success. By this time your business has grown well beyond a home based business and needs to expand into regular business quarters.

This is also a major step for many businesses and must be managed well to maintain excellent customer support to customers and ensure that revenues continue to grow. Entrepreneurs typically love to tinker with the business, while professional managers will focus on the processes and systems needed to ensure success. Most home businesses have also evolved from having several advisors to help them along to having to deal with a board of directors , especially if there are outside investors involved.

Recognizing these phases and knowing when to begin the transition from one phase to another is part of enabling your home business to evolve into a successful company. Failure to address the issues as you grow, will often severely limit the growth potential of the company over the long term.
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