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Give Them a Reason

Aug 17, 2007
When you go to buy a car, do you like going to the dealership? Maybe you like all of the pristine cars and the way the new cars smell, but the salespeople can drive you crazy! Sometimes it feels like they're pushing the car on you, whether it's the right purchase for you or not.

On the other hand, if you were to go to a store filled with products that you liked, where no one bothered you, would you buy the products? Absolutely!

That perfectly illustrates the difference between selling and buying. People love to buy but people hate to be sold something.

So what can you do on your site to help you sell less while encouraging your customers to buy more? Here are some strategies:

1. Appear to be more like a consultant rather than a pushy car salesperson. People will take direction and suggestions more readily if you offer to help them buy rather than force them to sell. This is done by providing valuable information on your site and not pushing your product in every sentence you write.

2. Let people feel like they have plenty of choices and control. One way to do this is by asking lots of questions instead of making statements. And even though you own an online business, you can still do this: just ask questions in your sales copy like, "which is your favorite color?"

3. People like to know that they are making the right decision so if you make them feel good about their decisions, they will be more likely to buy from you! For example, you can build automated comments into your with things like "that's a popular color" or "over 75% of our customers choose that one."

4. Avoid words that scare them off, like "buy." Instead, use words like "own," "choose," and occasionally "purchase." For example, which do you think would get more people to spend their money: a salesperson who says, "You should buy this" or a sales person who says, "You should own this." The second one seems less daunting and provides a more positive, longer-term picture in the customer's mind of enjoying the product rather than the short-term picture of passing over their money.

It's a simple attitude adjustment for you. Of course your want them to buy - but make sure you help people buy instead of pushing a hard sell on them! They are sure to buy someone else's product if you try to smack them in the face with yours. Be subtle, be gentle and be successful!
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