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Got Traffic? How Much Targeted Traffic Does Your Website Need

Aug 17, 2007
This is a health checkup for you website. We are going to focus on how much targeted traffic you are giving your website and then see if you are guilty of website abuse.

You know those vitamins that you see at you local grocery store, Like One a day and others well as you should know your body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to function properly and if you don't give your body these nutrients it can not function properly it was meant to be self sustainable as long as it has the right building block.

Did you know you can create a website that is self sustainable but first you have to have the right building blocks and by the way you want to choose the right vitamins which the ones on the shelf usually aren't that good because of many reasons but that's for another time the point is you website is kind of like you body.

If you want a healthy website it needs traffic but not just any traffic it needs targeted traffic just like you body doesn't need just plain old vitamins it need specific vitamins that are ionized and broke down small enough so the can actually be used.

You may ask where can I find this targeted traffic? Well you can buy it but I wouldn't do that unless you first do some research about the website you are buying it from because there are so many ways you can be scammed.

The main way to build targeted traffic is through back links how can you get those well you can do what I'm doing right now, yes you can write an article about something to do with the website your promoting and then put a link at the bottom of the page and have it set as your targeted keyword and build links like that.

There are other ways to get Targeted traffic like trading links with other websites but just to let you know one way back links are much more important so make that you first focus having links pointing at your website.

I'm not going to go into to much detail but if you use your brain and mind just think where ever you see a place that you can leave a link to your website do it, this will definitely increase you targeted traffic.

This was a very brief overview of building your targeted traffic if you want to see how you have done so far go to google and yahoo and type in link:"yoursite.com" replace yoursite and
make sure to put http://www in front of it and remove the quotes had to do all that so the didn't block this article. Now you can go do a self test.
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