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Why I Won't Read Your Article -- It's Nothing Personal

Aug 17, 2007
It's nothing personal... really. Your article just didn't grab me. And let's face it, there are LOTS of articles out there to choose from. So if yours doesn't make my Top Ten list, don't take it personally. Just take a bit of advice.

For the past few months, I've been building my new consulting business, helping small businesses get launched with business plans, organizational development and marketing advice. Local at first, then a friend suggested it was time to think bigger.

So I created my blog, started writing, and began submitting my articles to other content publishers. And, because I want to fill my blog with some good content, I started looking for articles from other authors to post.

That was interesting. Here's what I've learned in the few shorts weeks I've been doing this:

You Gotta Have A Good Title
One more article titled "How To Write A Business Plan" probably won't catch my eye. Call it "Throw Out Your Business Plan And Take A Bath," and I'll click on that. It's different; it's a little off-center; it appeals to me!

Don't Skimp On The Description
If you are trying to catch my attention online, you've got exactly 4.5 seconds before I move along to the next thing. If your title has caught my eye, give me more more more...in 300 words or less. Don't ramble. Get right to the point.

Just What IS Your Point?
So many articles are written for the wrong reason. Take an honest look at why you are writing. Are you hoping just to fill the search results screen by jamming your writing full of keywords? It shows. Writing an article about "planning your business plan with a solid business plan so you can plan your business by good business plan planning" is poor form. I'll take one glance at that and move on.

If your point, on the other hand, is to share some interesting information, that's a whole different story. Show me your ideas, your opinions, your suggestions, and you'll have me at hello.

Some Excellent Resources
For some great ideas on improving your writing, and connecting with new readers, check out these resources:
WritersDigest.com offers a slew of tips on creating compelling and interesting content. Learn about everything from good verb usage to paragraph length.

eFuse.com has a great section on writing better content for websites. A lot of their advice works for articles, too.

ArticleMarketer.com will teach you just about anything you want to know about writing good articles, via their Article Marketer University. It's free advice that can really pay off.

So take some tips from the experts and put your thoughts down. You never know who might be by to read them!
About the Author
Nancy Amada is a freelance writer and marketing consultant working with small businesses. Contact her via her blog , Chapter Two. She is a frequent contributor to Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service, and contributes to their writing resource section. http://www.articlemarketer.com
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