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How To Play The Paid Survey Game Without Stress

Aug 17, 2007
There are many companies offering market research services and sometimes it's like cutting through a maze trying to locate one which you can place your faith in to perform survey tasks in an adequate an efficient manner.

Paid survey scams have been like a malignant growth on the industry however, by simply sticking with proven market research companies when you first venture into paid surveys then you give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

Vast Network Of Resources

Companies such as Greenfield Online who know the industry inside out have been established for over a decade and are here for the long haul. When I look for a marketing research company, there are several things that must satisfy my criteria before I part with personal information. One of these is a company's network of resources. How long has it been in business and how acessible is it via legitimate contact information?

Globally Placed

The paid survey world has offered participants an opportunity to earn extra income but for many in recent years, sometimes it's been at a cost.

Unfortunately unscrupulous operators have tarnished the image of paid surveys somewhat. It's drummed into prospective survey takers time and time again to be diligent before signing up with a survey company. Ask your yourself before committing your time whether the company you are about to entrust your personal details is legitimate and do some due diligence to gain as much knowledge about them as possible.

Online Mission Of Paid Survey Companies

If a marketing research company encourages their panel members to join for the right reasons then that is a good sign they are the real deal. Look for signs such as this. Be wary if you are being asked to pay a membership fee for the pleasure of completing a survey.

The main reason market research companies want you to complete a survey is to get your opinion. Sure you'll be offered incentives such as cash and prizes and this is certainly enticing enough but in the end, isn't the main reason surveys are conducted is to get the opinion of consumers?

You'll know a marketing research company is above board when they make privacy issues a priority rather than trying to get you to part with a membership fee right from the start. Make sure the environment you are entering is both safe and non-threatening.

Too many times we hear horror stories relating to people who have passed on personal details in the survey arena only to suffer the consequences later on.

Companies like Greenfield Online have built a vast panel of people without resorting to "black hat" recruitment tactics. They have rigid recruitment policies in place such as special opt-in requirements for potential members. By sticking with proven companies in the paid survey arena, you'll more than likely avoid unneccessary stress.
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Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Stick with the best when taking paid surveys. That's good advice and why Greenfield Online has been a paid survey leader since 1994. Get the latest paid survey news, views and reviews at:http://www.paidsurveyline.com
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