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The Secret to Internet Marketing Success Is ...

Aug 17, 2007
People who generate a lot of cash online started out with a realistic mindset with the goals and discipline to match... which is probably the most important secret to internet marketing success there is. While there are many exceptions that depend on the people involved, their marketing experience plus the program itself, it is absolutely normal for the average Joe network marketer to get to the break even point in his opportunity somewhere between 15 and 60 days (sometimes less, sometimes more!).

A lot of the income claims you've read about are generally "overnight successes" who don't talk about the learning curve they went through first before their big breakthrough. So, unless you have marketing (on or offline) experience, you will need to spend the time and effort necessary to master the new techniques that are necessary to achieve the sometime elusive "secret to internet marketing success".

We've all certainly heard the scam stories. Wherever people congregate on the internet, you'll hear them. After all, it's a lot easier to blame someone else for our problems rather than take responsibility for them ourselves. The truth is that the opportunity itself is rarely the problem. Anyone who refuses to take the time, practice, persistence and patience necessary to educate and apply themselves in the secret to internet marketing success will REMAIN BROKE.

Reality Check: I dare you to calculate how much money you've wasted on "get rich quick" schemes in the past year... Have you generated any cash with any of them? Did you actually receive and apply the secret to internet marketing success this time? If not, obviously, something's not working, right? How do you expect to get different results in any other opportunity if you don't change how you, yourself are operating?

There are people who spend a lot more money opportunity-hopping, looking for that special secret to internet marketing success, than they ever would have if they had just committed to learning how to market their current program correctly. You have the power to make a choice right now that you'll never be one of these people again!

People who generate extraordinary cash do so because they refuse to accept anything less for themselves and their loved ones, and they make finding the secret to internet marketing success happen no matter the obstacles. Like the wealthy, take "I can't" out of your vocabulary and replace it with "I can, I will and I do."

A. The real secret to internet marketing success: Learn how to apply your opportunity's training steps. People learn best by doing, so make yourself follow through with each step, one by one, no matter how long it takes or how difficult you think it is. Figure out what the entire step entails by your own experience. The next time through will be a breeze!

B. The real secret to internet marketing success: Follow your opportunity's training steps every day, even if you tried a part of it yesterday and you can't see that it got any results yet (depending on the method, maybe you haven't given it the time to achieve its results yet - are you tracking your ads?)!

C. The real secret to internet marketing success: Follow your opportunity's training steps every day of what you have chosen as your work week, even when you don't feel like it. You went to school every day when you didn't feel like it, didn't you? Use the same discipline on yourself that Mom did back then and get your butt in gear!

D. The real secret to internet marketing success: Follow your opportunity's training steps every day even when they are tedious and a bit time consuming. Hey, those action steps are usually the easiest and simplest to implement! Put on your favorite CD, grab a coke, and have fun with it! These types of tasks, although small, add up to big exposure in the long run, but only when you follow through and do them consistently!

Resolve that this time, you'll commit to yourself, your family and your financial security until you absolutely "get it" and wealth starts showing up in your life. You deserve it!
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