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The Hidden Power of Mastermind

Aug 17, 2007
I feel extremely passionate about this topic. There is simply so much power behind this concept - it is unbelievable.

What is masterminding exactly? Let me ask you a quick question first. What would be more effective when solving a problem, trying to come up with a solution by your self, or having a group of people help you? The answer is probably best found in this familiar saying - "Two heads are better then one". To make it really simple we can look at a mastermind group as a "think tank" that helps find solutions to problems that the members of the group face. First pioneered by Napoleon Hill, this popular concept soon gained popularity within the personal development and business circles alike.

When all members of the group are like minded people, this kind of gathering of minds brings a special sort of synergy, and incredible results. If you ever wanted to accelerate your success join a master mind group or form one of your own. Just imagine, every member of the group gets a turn to present his problem to others and they in turn try to find a solution to his problem.

Many businesses use this concept to come up with new ideas or streamline their processes. But I must underline the importance of having a group of like minded people. If there is no chemistry between that group, the synergy I was talking about will not happen.

Another important point to look at, is the fact that the group must have a structure. What do I mean by that? If your group doesn't have rules which all of the members agree to follow, you will not be able to accomplish anything useful in your meetings. You also would need a person who will coordinate things. Making sure that every issue is fully addressed by all members.

Usually a group like that would meet at regular intervals, be it once a week or one a month. You can meet as often, or as few times, as you want. The important thing is that you do so religiously. Otherwise the whole purpose of having a mastermind group is defeated.

Now days with the power of the internet such meetings can be held virtually, so people do not actually have to be at the same place physically. They don't even have to be there at the same time. Such groups may be set up as a forum, or a discussion group.

Without a doubt if you succeed in joining such group, or making one of your own, work, it will benefit you on countless levels and is well worth the work you will put into establishing one.
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