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How to Select Profitable Resell Rights Products Online

Aug 17, 2007
Have you ever paid for resell rights or master resell rights just to find out that everyone and everywhere you look you see the same product? If you deal with the internet marketing and information products you know exactly what I am talking about. Welcome aboard my friend to the Info product rip off. Now I'm not saying that buying info products with these rights are a rip off but what they convey to the buyer is that you have an opportunity to sell a product and make a bunch of money fast and for a long time. Hey wake up my friend.

Here is the real deal about what you thought was your opportunity for online riches. You see it is one the major attractions for advance online marketers to tell you that "you can make some steady income without your own product by buying online products that you can sale over and over again and keep all the money. The truth is its the most competitive online market there is. I mean everyone and their mother is buying these and even private label rights to start their online business.

Before I go off let me explain exactly what are master,resell and private label rights". First let me make one clarification for you. Resell rights and resale rights are one in the same. No matter which phrase you use, it is correct and it means the very same thing. From here on out I will use the first term.

Resell rights, as they pertain to the internet, are generally used in reference to ebooks and other digital products. The use of these allows for products to easily be purchased and resold via websites and other Internet channels. This makes reselling a very inviting prospect. Not to mention, there is no handling of inventory involved in the reselling of ebooks or other digital products. The convenience that the internet provides in these types of transactions has provided for reselling to become a niche all its own.

Resell rights,are special rights, or permissions, that are granted to you by way of a legal transaction between you (the intended reseller) and the owner (the person with legal right of ownership of the product). In this legal transaction you purchase, or otherwise obtain, the rights to resell the product from the owner. By doing so you are granted rights to resell the product to others.

Master Resell Rights:
When you purchase these of an eBook or software, it means that you have the right not only to sell it to your customers, but also to give your customers the rights to sell it to theirs. This provides a couple of options: You can sell them the rights you have or just the resell rights. If you choose the second option, then your customers can only sell the product and their customers do not have the right to resell it.

(PLR)Private Label Rights:
Private label means you can do anything you want with the products. You get the source (Word document) to the ebook, so you can edit it in any way you see fit. You can even put your name on these products and sell them as your own. The only thing you cannot do with them is transfer the private label rights. You may give resell rights, but you may not pass the source files on to anyone. This is to protect the value of the product for everyone who gets it here today.

It is this protection that know one cares about! What I mean is you and I have seen the same product on a website selling for $47.00 and brows the Internet and find the exact same product on another website with the same rights selling it for $17.00. Just go to Google and type in the heading of a resell product and see the difference in prices. If you want to see the downfall then here it is...eBay. Go to eBay and type in the same product and you'll see it in an auction for $1.00.

Yes my friend your product that you thought was going to help you quit your day job just sold on eBay for $1.00, and the most ridiculous scene that I've have ever witness is that there is competition on eBay for selling it for less than that! Wake up my friend and smell the Internet Marketing roses.

Well my friend if you plan on purchasing these type of rights for any product soon make sure that you do your research. Take the title of the product and "Google it" and see what others are doing with that resell product. Do not take the owner word for the product do the research. Its this one step that most reseller neglect to do that has brought the resell rights business to its knees.
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