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I Can Get Rich Doing Nothing

Aug 17, 2007
You wouldn't believe how many people out there are joining home businesses, thinking that if they just join they will get rich.

Further, those same people have no operating budget, no plan, no goals, no marketing system, and basically believe that on blind faith they are going to succeed on the internet and making millions of dollars.

Here's what I have to say to these people. What in the world are you thinking? You have the vision to sign up for something, so you must have a dream. That's awesome!

But, what about the practicality and reality of things. Bottom line you are not an internet marketer. You are not someone who knows how to drive 1 or 10,000 visitors to your site every day! Reality check!

So what should these people do? They need to be realistic and plug into a marketing system that really works, is time tested, proven, and the person above you needs to be someone in the company.

If you can, I recommend signing up under the number one person in the company. That may take some homework on your part, but it's worth it!

Thousands upon thousands of people out there are signing up under nobodies. How are you going to make money and learn from someone who is number 1,512,232 in the company and is a normal Joe like you?

Get under the number one guy in any online business. This does many things. It gives you spillover because number one guys have a big recruitment base. It also helps us you learn from him, because what he does really works.

In conclusion, to all those people out there who think they are going to get rich signing up for a home business. It'll never happen. It'll never happen!

To make sure you succeed online you need to have an operating capital budget. Like anything else, your going to have to spend some money to make money. You will have to pay for online advertising, autoresponders, e-mail marketing campaigns, banner ads, e-zine ads, and so much more.

To the average Joe out there I say find yourself a company who has several people making money! Call the company president and ask him for a list of people who make over $1000 a month. If that list is not in the thousands, don't even bother!

You must treat your online business as a million dollar company. You should act like you just purchased your own company in your home town. If you did that you would advertise it, you'd tell all your friends and family about it, you'd run radio and tv ads, you'd find out about the best ways to market online and you'd implement them.

Oh, and let me say something about word-of-mouth. It is the oldest trick in the book. Wal-Mart was built on word of mouth! Yet people are afraid to simply tell others what they are doing! Fear equals false evidence appearing real. Tell others what you are marketing, and have them try it!

Oh, and finally, get with a company that has a free 14-20 day trial. If you can't try it, don't buy it. Try the company out, but in those 14 days don't just sit back and wait for the money to come in!

No, go out there and tell people about your business, advertise, tell all your friends and associates. Use all the advertising mediums and find someone who is successful online and imitate him/her.

Most of all your going to need a marketing system that works. Something that is "abc" and can be followed by a Kindergartner. Most online companies out there really don't know how to make you wealthy and have a proven system in place! They just want your up front money!

So, if you think your going to get rich just by signing up for something, think again! But if you truly want an online marketing company that has a proven marketing system--do your homework, and be realistic, your going to have to put in some good old-fashioned work and time.

Bare minimum, you need to put in 2 to 4 hours a day on the internet, placing ads, getting links to your website, and plugging into your marketing company's proven marketing system.

Plus, you need an operating budget, and you need to do exactly what your sponsor says to do to make money, and get under the top guy in the company, not the bottom...

Then, and only then, will you get rich online.
About the Author
Don & Vanessa Alexander are co CEO's of the websites: http://www.homebusinessjobs.org
Don is an internet marketing expert and Vanessa is a human development/management specialist. They have one mission statement: "Helping ALL to Succeed."
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