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The Internet - The Layman's Tool For World Changing

Aug 17, 2007
The internet. A place where people, who might typical be discriminated against or left out of the Good Ole Boy network, can flourish (if you're just plain better or smarter at what you do, you can succeed)! A place where color, sex, ethnic or national origin need not be a factor in economic transactions. A place where those who are typically left out can fit in like never before by finding or forming their own social networks-networks that were never before possible (the entrepreneurial home schooler in the New Mexico desert can have instant community with other entrepreneurial home schoolers around the world). A place where valuable how-to information can be downloaded instantly, and often for free. A place where anyone can start an enterprise of their own for virtually no money and succeed. A place where someone can grow a business quite easily without employees (through automated on-line systems, on-line outsource contracting, etc.)

I used the internet to start up my company. Some information I provided for free. Some I charged for. It reduced the amount of time, effort and money it would otherwise take to create a product and find a market. Producing an electronic book was a lot easier than producing a physical one (even that has become easy now with publishing-on-demand and internet-based fulfillment services).

After I wrote my first e-book and distributed it free on-line, I had people writing me from around the world, telling me how the book had changed their lives. That is power. The power to make a difference. The Internet is the power to communicate. The power to mobilize. The power to create wealth.

And the Internet is only becoming more powerful and more far reaching. This is just the beginning. The Internet is an invaluable tool in effecting massive change in the world.

About 3 years ago next month, a young man graduated from one of our boot camps, and went on to become very successful building businesses on the Internet. There is a lot of hype on-line about business opportunities and how to make money on the Internet, but this guy actually did it. And he did it providing real products to people-his own products. He's come to me recently with a vision for how he can help us achieve it's goals for impacting humanity-through the business tactics and principles he's learned the hard way. He's created a program for us here at and invited our subscribers to join in.

About a year and a half after this man attended boot camp, another young man attended. He too went on to become very successful on the internet-especially in the social entrepreneur realm. He has helped to shape our company's continuing evolution from a "web 1.0?-type company" to a "web 2.0?-type company". These two guys are both proficient marketers, but they come from totally different angles. It's the yin and yang. They're both stretching us here at our company to be more effective. There's great power in having both of these forces pulling on us-and there are ways that each set of strategies will be effective.

Whoever you are, whatever you are up to in the world-doesn't it makes sense to take advantage of the power of the Internet? To have your vision be seen? To make the difference you want to make? To leave the legacy you want to leave?

And doesn't it make sense to take advantage of business as well? Business, like the internet is a tool. It's just a system to grow an organization by creating value in the world. Put the two together and who knows what you could do?
About the Author
As founder of the Vision Force Academy, Michael Skye works with a new breed of impassioned change agents around the world, who are giving their lives to stand for all of humanity. Michael is best known for his transformational leadership trainings, based on his proprietary iStand technology. He authored the the Visionary Mind Shifts for VisionForce.com.
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