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Starting An Online Business

Aug 17, 2007
Although daunting at first the benefits and rewards of promoting your products online can easily be distinguished.

The overheads of running a business online are considerably reduced as there is no need to have premises to show your products, which in turn means no electricity, heating or general running costs. Also the staffing levels will also be greatly reduced. All you will need to get started is a computer, Internet connection and a good accountant.

However you do need to be aware of the problems a traditional business does not have to face such as hackers, viruses, websites going down and data preservation.

Firstly you must take into account the type of goods you wish to sell. Bear in mind certain products do not sell well over the internet. Fresh food will spoil if it has to travel half way round the world, livestock has many regulations to overcome and shipping heavy goods will put people off because off the increased shipping costs.

The most important aspect of starting an online business is to generate traffic to your site. It is no good having a marvellous product if nobody knows about it. You must have a strategy in place to generate traffic to your site to realistically increase your sales.

There are many ways to generate traffic to your site and one of the most effective is to have back links to your site. For example if your website has a link to it placed upon another website this will increase your page rank among the various search engines and therefore gain a higher position in the search engines results.

An even better way to promote your online business is by signing up for an affiliate program, which can be done for free. This takes all the hassle out of shipping customer services etc as all the hard work is done by the company you work for.

Effectively you would be a sales representative of a third party company and would receive a commission for the sale of their product. The benefits are that you will never have to speak to anyone on the telephone, have to dress up and shave everyday or drag your backside around in all weathers meeting people that probably don't want to meet you!

Running your business on the Internet will, if done correctly open your products and services to a market place which spans the entire world which of course can only be good news for your business.
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