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Can You Build a List of 5,000 Subscribers this Year? Now You Can

Aug 17, 2007
Here's a simple system that you can use to build a list of atleast 5,000 subscribers from scratch using a simple but extremely powerful formula.

I am sure that this simple system will work for you because I have personally done it with extreme success.

You might have heard about this system elsewhere but I would insist you to read this article completely, take down notes and take serious action starting today.

Here YOU Go...

Step 1 - Create a Killer FREE GIft worth $97.

Create a teaser version of your product and give it to your website visitors absolutely free.

You can do this by removing 5% out of your product and creating a digital info product that you can easily distribute to thousands of subscribers at no cost, automatically.

You can create a FREE...

1. Report.
2. Mini-eBook.
3. Video.
4. Audio.
5. 10 Days eCourse.
6. Step by step tutorial.

Make sure that your package is of extreme quality or else you will spoil your reputation before even placing your product in front of your visitors eyes.

Make sure you combine your free gifts into a powerful package.

Here's how I did it. I created a killer package for my subscribers that contained...

1. A free video that showed them how to make a money making website in 4 simple steps.

2. A killer report that showed them how to create a powerful minisite in under 3 hours.

3. 11 days ecourse that showed them step by step how I start and promote my internet business.

4. Weekly newsletter with tips, tactics and articles that I write in internet business niche.

Once I had all these gifts ready, I combined them into a killer package and named it as...

Grab Murtuza Abbas's FREE 'Profit Pulling Minisites Pack' worth $97.

Give a price tag to your free package and tell your subscribers that they will get this package absolutely free if they signup in your list.

Create a killer box cover to demonstrate the entire package and individual graphics to demonstrate the individual gifts.

Create a squeeze page and include all these graphics out there. Include stong benefits that will pull the visitors in your follow up system like honey bees to grab your package.

Step 2 - Create a Killer Autoresponder System.

Make sure you create a killer autoresponder system and include all your packages out there in your instant email.

Fire your ecourse with every email going out with an interval of around 2 to 3 days each.

Make sure you also promote your package in your free gifts to drive sales from your subscribers.

There is a neat feature in most of the autoresponders where you can redirect your visitor to a specific page once they signup in your list.

You can either...

1. Present a one time discount offer for your product on this redirect page OR

2. Just forward them to your product salesletter.

One time offers work extremely well.

Step 3 - Promote Your Squeeze Page.

There are tons of ways you can use to promote your squeeze page. Here I will show you the fastest way to get traffic to your squeeze page and see results instantly...

1. Articles - Write and submit quality articles relating to your free package in article directories like ezinearticles.com and many others.

You can place a resource box right below your articles that will help you to direct visitors to your squeeze page.

Once you do this you will see instant traffic pouring into your website within 24 hours.

2. Discussion Forums - Hunt for quality forums in your niche and answer questions out there. You can place a signature that contains your ad if you make a good post.

This signature will include a FREE offer that will attract visitors to your squeeze page.

3. Co-Reg Services - You can signup with a co-reg service like leadfactory.com that will help you in building your subscriber base.

They will charge you 50 cents to 1 dollar for just 1 lead, therefore you have to track your product sales conversion ratio thoroughly before applying this tactic.

4. You can also use other paid traffic tactics like 'Google Adwords', pay per click search engines, ezine ads, etc to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

Just apply the above 3 steps and I am sure you will increase your subscriber base to few thousand subscribers this year.

Make sure you take action and get started today.
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