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Fastest Ways to Generate Affiliate Commissions

Aug 17, 2007
Others Work. Affiliates Cash in. One of the great business models on the Internet is gaining more and more credibility and therefore experiencing more and more growth: Affiliate Marketing. If youre new to this industry, heres a quick rundown of how it works: Other companies allow you to sell their products in return for a commission, usually somewhere between 10% and 45% of the sales price. Whats more, in addition to being able to sell other peoples products, affiliate marketers almost never have to store, ship or be concerned with actually filling the orders. The work of creating a great product is the companys job. Properly shipping the product is also the companys job. All you have to do, as the affiliate marketer, is make sure that people who need it, see that you have it. Thats the beauty of being an affiliate marketer, but the challenge is to bring in customers on a regular basis. You can do it, if you have a good plan.

Fuel to the Fire.If youre ready to supercharge your affiliate commissions, you need to improve the 2 sides of this equation: Advertising + Sales = Commissions. You cant get sales without advertising and you cant get commissions without sales. Each component is inextricably linked to one another. So if you want to increase your commissions, youve got to goose up the effectiveness of your advertising and your sales.

One great way to kick start your advertising is by utilizing search engine optimization techniques to get your website listed near to the top of the search engines under your chosen keywords. Being well-ranked by the search engines based on the content of your site will not only drive more people to your site, but it will do so for free. There is no cheaper method of driving vast numbers of Internet surfers to your site than by being ranked in the top 20 or better, the top 10 returns of the major search engines. Even if you were to pay some outside company to create and implement your SEO plan, if it were an effective plan, you would be saving heaps of money.

Make your SEO job easier by using less popular but more targeted keywords on your site. For example, rather than using the keyword phrase make money, all over your site, you might instead use business book if your affiliate product is a business book that teaches people how to make money. Fewer people will type business book into the search engines, but those who do will be targeted people looking for a specific thing. They will be more likely to make a purchase from your site. Heat up your advertising by starting your SEO campaign sooner, rather than later.

Another way to boost your advertising through search engines is by engaging in the pay-per-click (or PPC) model of advertising. PPC works like this: you choose a keyword just like with your SEO campaign) that you believe is relevant to your site or the product that youre trying to promote. You then bid on how much youd be willing to pay for every person who clicks on your link when it shows up on the search page. You bid against other sellers, who also chose that keyword and the one who is willing to pay the most per click, gets their sites link listed first.

So lets use the example from before: you sell a business book that teaches people how to make money. You decide to bid on the keyword phrase make money and so do 10,000 other people. Since so many other people are competing with you, it will cost you a lot more money per click. For every person who clicks your link, you might have to shell out $1.00, $2.00 or even more. Instead, use the phrase business books. Fewer people will be competing with you and so the top price per click might be within your budget range for a few weeks: $.35 to $.55 for every person who clicks on your link. Now, every time someone types business books into the search engine, if you have the top bid, your site will be listed on the first page, at the very top of the list. You can expect your site popularity to grow rapidly by using an effective PPC campaign.

There is information everywhere about how you can improve your advertising or sales techniques. In fact, you can always get better. But its not what you know that is as important as what you do with what you know. Action is the key. Just start right now from what you know and then make the small improvements as you go. If you really want to pump up your affiliate commissions, get a high ranking in the search engines and start a small PPC campaign. Just make sure the product you sell is a great product and youll be the one writing the how-to books!
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