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How I Dramatically Shooted My Autoresponder Response Using a Smart Trick that No One Uses? - Part 2

Aug 17, 2007
Please check out part 1 of this article where you will learn how to setup a killer autoresponder using 7 simple easy to follow steps...


Here's the important tactic that I was talking about that hardly anyone uses. This will help you to boost your response throught the ROOF.

This tactic when applied into your autoresponder system will help you to...

1. Boost your subscriber response.

2. Will make sure that your subscribers get interested in reading your entire content whatever you send them.

3. Increase your product sales conversion ratio.

4. They will trust you MORE than your competition.

And the best part is that you can apply this tactic within next 15 minutes absolutely free.

I will also give you a live working example of how this tactic works on my website right now and how interesting it gets once you have it on your website.

What I do is divert my subscribers to a webpage where they can read the report, ecourse and my newsletter.

I use a script that helps me to personalize my web page with my subscribers name.

Let me give you an example. Let us assume that your website domain name is www.InstantProfitVideos.com.

Now you are sending out a free report to your subscribers on a webpage named...


So your webpage url will look like this...


Let us assume that your subscribers name is John. What you need to do is place a webpage personalization script on your minisite-report.html page where ever you want your subscribers name to appear and then append your report webpage address with your subscribers name like this...


Just click on the above url and you will see that this webpage is personalized with the subscribers name. This will literally skyrocket your response.

Your subscribers will feel that you have personally created a special report just for him as his name appears on the webpage. He will surely check out your entire report and trust you more than your competition.

Let us check your feelings. Apply the same example above but now include your name in place of xyz in the below url...


I am sure the report now sounds much better when you read it with your name in it. You feel that emotional touch when the report speaks out your name instead of just a generic 'Hi' that appears on millions of webpages around the web.

What you have to do is just place the above url in your follow up email and place your name personalization tag in the url in place of xyz above.

When your autoresponder sends this email to your subscriber, it will automatically include his/her name in place of the tag in the url and when he/she clicks the link your web page will get personalized with his/her name.

Now that you know the importance of this tactic make sure you remove some time and get this system installed in your autoresponder system right NOW.

Just search on google for 'webpage personalization script' and I am sure you will get one for free. I too got it free from one of the internet marketing forums.

Use the above tactic and setup your highly profitable autoresponder that makes you money even while you sleep, play golf or move around with your girl friend, it's that SIMPLE!
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