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How to Recover Every Dollar of Your Advertising Expenses from Now On?

Aug 17, 2007
What is I showed you a killer way to make sure that you recover your advertising expenses, turbo boost your websites lead generation power and make some serious money in return?

This tactic will hardly take you some few hours to setup but it will dramatically improve your websites conversion ratio and help you to attract more sales out of thin air.

Also you will recover your advertising cost in the process. Spend $100 in advertising your website and instantly make $120 or $150 along with tons of leads and long term sales.

Donot take this tactic lightly, it is proven to work and has generated millions of dollars worth of sales for top marketers who knows the power of this simple but powerful tactic.

Here's how to implement this tactic with your own products and services.

As per copywriting and pshychological experts, a quality product with a powerful copy that costs under $20 will lead to instant purchase decision by the customers.

Therefore what you need to do is create a killer package, product or service that costs under $20 and is related to your main product.

You might be in a niche where it is impossible to create a product that sells for under $20. But if you apply some creativity you can create an information product and sell it for under $20 to your visitors.

Information products like ebook, reports, tutorials, audios, videos, etc will cost nothing to create and then you can distribute them to your customers absolutely free.

So make sure you create a quality product with powerful copy for under $20.

Once you do this, create a salespage with a 'One Time Offer'. That means that you will tell your visitors that they will view this page only ONCE and they will never be taken to this page again through any of your webpages or emails or through any links.

This is known as ONE TIME OFFER.

Once you have created this one time offer page, what you need to do is put this page as a thank you page that you will redirect your subscribers to once they fill out your optin form.

Here's what happens. You advertise your lead page for 20 cents per click on google adwords for example.

For $100 google sends you 500 visitors. Out of these 500 visitors 150 signup as your subscriber. Then they get redirected to your 'One Time Offer' webpage where you are selling your product for $20.

Let us assume that this product converts 4% of your visitors into customers. With this conversion ratio you will sell 6 products out of 150 subscribers who will see your one time offer.

You have made $120 out of your leads instantly. You spend $100 on advertising and you made $120, that's a net profit of $20.

Along with that you received 150 leads absolutely free. Your autoresponder follow up system will sell your main product to these 150 leads and convert into more profits.

Can you see the power of this system? This will help you to skyrocket your conversion ratio through the roof and make sure that you recover back your advertising expenses instantly.

There has never been a better time for you to make MORE money from your leads than it is today.
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