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For People Who Want To Get Serious Website Traffic While Avoiding Latest Traffic Scams

Aug 17, 2007
So your website is up and ready to profit. I am sure you are hunting for ways to promote your website and get some traffic and start making sales.

I am also aware that you are fired with tons of tricks, tips and tactics all around, giving you suggestions to promote your website. I can see you frustrated with information overload and complicated search engine strategies hitting you right on your face.

You are fired with the latest traffic generation course, ebook, videos, search engine optimization guide by various gurus every now and then confusing you more and more.

If at all you're facing this problem, let me tell you a secret. You are NOT alone.

Every one on the internet struggling to start an internet business including me faces this same sort of problem. You will see the latest software pumping up every day that will promise you to get top ranking on the search engine. You will find new technologies coming up every now and then making things more complicated.

If you have been bombarded with all these scams I would like to give you a simple piece of advise.

Leave everything and concentrate on the basics.

New traffic generation softwares, different search engine algorithms and new website promotion courses will come and go, but solid traffic generation strategies and internet business basics will remain forever.

Keep this in mind, if you only focus on one traffic generation tactic and master it to the Nth degree, your site will receive all the traffic it will ever need to produce solid monthly income.

So pick up ONLY 1 traffic generation tactic at a time, donot confuse your self, master that 1 tactic, test it, tweak it, produce results out of it, get your traffic number and conversion ratio and ONLY then move on to next.

This systematic approach will make sure that you're on the right path towards success.

Human brain works with absolute perfection if you give it one thing at a time and FOCUS on it. You will generate more and more ideas relating to that thing which will lead you to perfection and success.

If you're a newbie and would like to promote your site, if you have no experience in how to get traffic to your website and if you don't have huge advertising budget, I would advise you to start writing articles and submit it to different places around the net.

The best way to get free traffic to your site is article marketing.

Learn how to write killer articles in your niche. You can do this extremely easily and absolutely free. Just visit top article directories on the net like ezinearticles.com and visit their 'Article Marketing' category. You will find hundreds of articles that will educate you on this topic.

Once you know how to write simple articles submit them to top article directories. You can do this absolutely free by using an article distribution service like articlemarketer.com.

They provide a free submission package that you can get started with. Make a goal of learning and perfecting this article marketing system.

Create a plan to write 5 articles per day, that is 150 articles every month. Check your traffic stats. Improve yourself in this promotion tactic. Make a killer goal of submitting around 1500 articles this year and see what happens.

Insert all these articles on your website, blog them, create RSS feeds, contact ezine publishers and website owners and convince them to publish your articles and do everything you can to spread your article.

After a year or two you will be glad that you got started with this article marketing promotion tactic and you will make a steady secure income from the free traffic that will pour into your website from the thousands of articles that you've spread all around.

Make sure you take my advise and get started today.
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