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You Won't Make A Dime Online! (A Headline Study)

Aug 17, 2007
If I got you startled with the headline of this article, I've accomplished my first mission to make my point that a great headline is a very important ingredient to get people to click your ad, open your email and read your articles.

Headline is the first important attention grabber and it should be crafted well. If you don't believe me, pick up today's newspaper and see which section do you glance first. You'll read the headline and if it grabs your attention, you'll continue reading the rest of the story or article. Am I right?

There are a few other secrets behind writing a great headline.

1. You'll see that I made negative claim in the headline.

"You Won't Make A Dime Online!" is a strong claim that many people want to find out more about what I'm trying to say next. What you'll write in the content of your article or your email does not necessarily mean that people will not make money online. You can tell the readers that people will not make money online if they don't take action, don't do the right things or simply don't have the knowledge to do it. But, change the headline to "You Will Make Lots of Money Online" and you'll feel that it doesn't give you the right punch for your attention grabber.

2. You'll see that the headline is controversial.

How come I'm claiming that you won't make a dime online when it looks like everyone is telling that you can make thousands of dollars on the internet while you sleep or vacationing in Bahamas? The seasoned internet entrepreneurs will be baffled and would like to find out more about your claim and the new ones will want to know if it's true that you won't make money from the internet regardless of anything. In the end, both groups will want to read the rest of what you have to say.

3. You'll see that the headline is simple and short.

It's nothing more refreshing to get the info in a concise and on-target manner. Yes, it's true that you'll find some headlines are a little bit longer on a direct sales page of a website. But, if you are writing a headline for an article or an email that you want your reader to read and finish it in less than 5 minutes, then short and simple headline is definitely better.

There are many other tips on writing a great headline, but what you have here is a simple example of how my headline is written and why it is written such a way. These tips are not rules. So, use them whenever necessary. Go and practice writing a few headlines of your own using these tips and be creative.
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Zamri Nanyan believes that anyone can make money online successfully, provided they have proper business mindset and persistent action. For more great business tips, go to http://www.zamrinanyan.com and subscribe to his "Online Profit" e-course for FREE.
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