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Marketing For Your Fitness Personal Training Business

Aug 17, 2007
How many fitness personal trainers do you know who have a bulging tummy, flabby butt, a little arm muscles with scanty knowledge and skills required of a professional fitness personal trainer and yet they are very successful personal trainers? Some of these fitness trainers probably do not even have a qualified personal trainer certification not to say a string of qualifications. I am sure that you have met a few of them if you are in the personal training industry. Why do people trust these trainers who are out of shape and non certified personal trainers?

Now, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. You are a graduate of several renowned fitness personal training institutions with a string of recognized certifications. You are a strapping handsome hunk with well toned beautiful muscles on all the right places with an almost a perfect body fat ratio but your fitness personal trainer business is falling far behind others who are not as well qualified or look as good as you. Why is that so?

Well, the answer to that question is that they know what marketing is all about and you do not. It is as simple as that. You see, even if you have wonderful products and services but nobody knows about it or is convinced enough to buy them, then you will have zero sales. That is a fact of the business world. The same principle is also applicable to your personal training business.

Big businesses spend thousands and millions of advertising dollars in marketing their products and services knowing it will bring in the clients and profits many more times than what they spent marketing and advertising. Well, you do not need have to spend that kind of money in your personal trainer business but by just having the knowledge on how to market yourself and then turn that knowledge into action should be you a steady influx of clients.

Your prospective clients really do not know how good you are or how qualified you are, so how are they to know that you can really help them achieve their health and fitness objectives? You may be very highly qualified, but to that fat guy out there, he really does not know the difference between one fitness personal trainer qualification from another. So how are you going to get that fat prospective client to conclude that you are right personal trainer that they are looking for?

So, go get some marketing training for yourself and read up books on sales and marketing techniques especially those written for self employed professions such as like real estate sales or insurance sales techniques then redesign the sales and marketing techniques to suit your fitness personal trainer industry.
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