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4 Masterful Ways to Brand Your eBay Business

Aug 17, 2007
In today's business world - and especially on eBay - branding is an essential part of success. It helps to differentiate the poor and mediocre sellers from the platinum power sellers. By creating a brand image, you are giving an impression of professionalism to your customers and they are more likely to trust you and therefore buy products from you. This article plans to outline the four major ways that will enable you to brand your eBay business and keep customers returning to your auctions for more.

The first and most important way to brand your eBay business is to select a relevant eBay username. Your username should give your potential customers an immediate idea of what you are selling. Don't use personal username such as your nickname as this does not create a professional image. If you sell electronics, then choose a username that displays this fact. Branding begins with an eBay username so choose yours wisely!

Secondly, an eBay auction template that can be applied to all of your listings will help you build a branded business image. If all of your auctions have the same design and follow the same format then your potential customers will recognize this and realise that you are a serious eBay seller. You can use the free templates provided by eBay, however I recommend that you invest in a professional designed and unique template so that your business has a unique image.

Thirdly, an eBay about me page is imperative. On your page you should include an image of your business logo, a background of your business, your mission statement and the morals of your business. This will develop a relationship with your customers and again, further enhance your eBay businesses brand image.

Finally, after making an eBay sale you have to distribute the item to the customer. "Ordinary" eBay sellers would simply send the item and be done with it, but that's not good if you want to brand your eBay business. With the eBay item you should send some sort of leaflet or business card so that your customers can stay in contact with you or pass on your information to their friends. This way you can further market your eBay business logo and continue to build your brand image and also generate new customers and repeat customers.

These 4 principles of branding your eBay business are essential if you plan on developing an established business on eBay over the next few years.
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