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How To Build Your Network Marketing Business The Right Way

Aug 17, 2007
My experience in trying to build my first network marketing business is unfortunately probably like many others - a failure. I joined my company and then spent too much money on leads trying to recruit them into my business. I did manage to enroll a few people over the course of several months of doing this, but still lacked enough cash flow to support continued recruiting efforts.

My sponsors kept telling me that I needed to step up my retailing efforts in order to stay afloat, but those of you that have been in a product oriented network marketing business before know that developing a solid customer base takes time, and time was not on my side. I soon decided that I was not willing to subsidize my network marketing business with the income from my corporate job and closed shop so to speak.

Bottom line - don't buy lead packages, don't spend hours daily calling so called prospects, and don't rely on signing up your friends and family. All of these methods are expensive in terms of money and/or time, and overall an in-efficient way to build your business.

Building Your Network Marketing Business The Right Way:

Fast forward one year to today where I am now successfully growing my new network marketing business (I chose a different company), and doing it with no out of pocket expenses. I'm sure you want to know how I am doing it!

I am using an internet based marketing system that has taught me how to create a free endless supply of ESP's - Educated, Serious, Prospects. The concept is called a funded sponsoring franchise, meaning the system is setup like a franchise which makes it very duplicatable, and teaches users how to generate paid (funded) leads that are indirectly exposed and sponsored into their primary business over time.

The leads I generate using the internet marketing techniques outlined in our internet marketing success guide, end up costing me nothing! The way I accomplish this is by exposing my new leads to several low cost affiliate programs that they can choose to join to get their franchise businesses up and running. When they join, I in turn receive enrollment commissions which end up covering the cost I incurred to generate the leads in the first place.

Additionally, all of the affiliate programs the system uses pay me monthly residual income for all recurring member subscriptions. So the more money I spend on internet marketing, the more leads I generate, which results in more affiliate signups and greater ongoing residual income. Through out the process, my leads are introduced to the concept of a primary program A.K.A. solid network marketing company. The leads that are serious about creating long term residual income (usually the ones that enroll into the affiliate programs our system recommends), are urged to contact us to learn more about our primary business!

I never have to speak to anybody until they filter through the funded sponsoring system and express an interest in learning more about my primary business and how they can get started! That is why I call them ESP's (Educated, Serious, Prospects) - they have been educated at this point, and are obviously serious prospects when they contact me.

The best part of the system is the comfort of knowing that my new business partners are in good hands having access to the same duplicatable system to learn effective internet marketing tactics to generate their own endless supply ESP's. The key to building a large network marketing organization is duplication which comes from using a funded sponsoring system like the one I am now using.

This new way of building your network marketing business is a complete 180 degree turn from the old, costly, and time consuming methods of the past. I invite you to start using the same free funded sponsoring franchise system I am using to start generating your own ESP's every day.
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Tom Childs holds an MBA from the University at Buffalo, and is involved with several highly successful internet businesses.
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