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How You Can Secretly Profit From Affiliate Internet Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Do you you every ask yourself how can I make as much money as all these guru's say I can using affiliate Internet marketing. Well if you want to lets get started, first lets cut off a layer of hype that all the gurus use in there recipe and get straight into the good stuff.

Affiliate Internet marketing is mainly about two things, traffic and converting that traffic. Since you don't own the product or don't own any of the responsibilities that come with owning your own product it makes you job a lot easier.

You only have to put your minds attention on making money from that product and if you want to make the most money you need to learn how to build a relationship with your customers and track your system. So on to finding some people.

Where can you find people to buy your product well that depends on what your selling so let say you selling dog collars. Well most people that are looking for dog collars on-line are going to go to the favorite search engine and type in dog collar, buy dog collar or something like that.

So one way is to get traffic is to be ranked high in the search engines for that keyword,then there is pay per click, trading links with websites that maybe talk about dog health or other related sites, posting helpful links in forums or writing articles explaining why collars are beneficial to dogs and there owners. These are only a few ways to obtain some traffic.

There are many more ways to get traffic but you get the point, I hope.

Now that you have traffic or know how to get it where is it going? You could send it directly to the merchant but then you lose all control and if it doesn't convert you just lost a customer that you could have made repeat sales to.

So you need a landing page. So just throw up a web-page that says thank you for stopping by, now buy this product now because I said so now I need some money to pay my house payment now, OK so that probably didn't work maybe one or two sales but that probably from you and you mom that feels sorry for you and bought your product.

To make it simple give them more information on the topic of choice, give them a plan of action that includes your product and then they will swarm to buy your product.

As I mentioned before tracking and building a relationship. For every different source of traffic make a separate landing page or get some tracking software so you can see whats working and see whats not, this way you can cut your losers and ride your winners.

Get there email and name so you can give them more information see what they need help in and help them but show them how your product will make it easier.

So find a product set up a landing page send some traffic test get to know your visitors and start making thousands to millions a year. Sounds crazy but it can be true take your time step by step and keep learning. "Be, Do, Have"
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