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Character Traits Of Online Money Makers

Aug 17, 2007
The sad and frightening truth about online business is that most individuals fail. Their websites, blogs, forums, and newsletters never get the sales they need. Research shows that 95 percent on online entrepreneurs will fail this year. Easy math shows us that only five out of 100 will turn a profit with their online business. That is a terrifying number, and for those wanting to make serious profits with the Internet, it would be wise to take a look at the winning 5%.

As a coach of many successful Internet entrepreneurs, and even more abysmal failures, I can tell you the major strengths that have allowed people to overcome the obstacles in their way. Below are the three major character traits I see in the profit makers.

The number one trait of those who succeed online is that they overcome their fear. On the flip side, those who fail succumb to their fears. They don't want their sites to become active, because they are afraid of showing them to others. They are afraid that they will never be good enough, so they will be overly critical of their own work. They will let months pass by without publishing a single page for their business.

Those who succeed accept their own best efforts, and overcome their fears and inadequacies. They will allow others to view their work so they can get their work online more quickly. These personalities will produce generally many times the amount of profit, because they will produce pages and entries at a much higher rate.

Those who dwell on their own fear ultimately will fail no matter what type of business they start, online or brick and mortar. We can learn that in order to succeed online, you have to overcome your fear.

The second trait I have observed in people that have succeeded in making money online is enthusiasm. Positive personalities will undoubtedly always be more successful than negative ones. Most people believe that they will fail from the beginning, and will never have the enthusiasm it takes to succeed in business.

Enthusiasm is even more important in the online world, because you do the work generally a few months before it pays off. You have to have the proper attitude while you're waiting for your efforts to bear fruit. You must be extremely cautious of negativity that enters into your thought process, because it is indeed that negativity that destroys many online profit seekers right before they hit pay dirt.

The third trait of those who succeed online is persistence. I can't tell you how many people I've worked with that self-destruct in the first week. You can't learn any business in a week! Online business requires patience and persistence. You have to keep throwing punches long before you're going to get some knockdowns.

Those who succeed online are generally extremely persistent, continuing to work and work while they're waiting for profits. On the flip side, those who fail are impatient and overly critical of the methods they're using. These individuals could take the most perfect business plan ever created, and ruin it with negative impatience.

If you want to make profits with the Internet, you have to keep working and working. If you want to succeed, and are persistent enough, you will not fail.

If you struggle with any of these traits, I would recommend working hard to develop them. Without each of these three, you will fail. If you develop each, I do indeed believe that you will succeed. Making money online requires courage, enthusiasm, and persistence. The other necessary ingredients will find you naturally.
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