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It Is All About Attitude...

Aug 17, 2007
Do you wake up every morning and decide what sort of a day you are going to have?

Do you decide to make your day a win?

Ill bet that if you do, you will ensure your success for that day...

It is all about attitude when it comes to running a successful business, oh and a few other "bits and pieces"... but without the attitude it would all amount to a meaningless existence. Positive thinking and always improving the way the systems are run in your business with ensure your company drives forward the way you have always dreamed and planned (you do have a plan for your business dont you?)...

OK, I will define some of the "bits and pieces"...

For starters, you do not have to be an Alpha (i.e. a strong dominant personality) to run a successful business. It is a common myth that everyone has to be the next Richard Branson in order to run a thriving, successful businessbe the face of a company, an Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!! But the truth of the matter is that Richard Branson has chosen to become part of the brand that instils confidence in us, therefore making his companies successful. Which brings me to my first defined "bits and pieces"... you have to build your brand.

Tell me, what do you think of when you think of "The Body Shop"? The Body Shop is the epitome of a good brand. The Body Shop makes us think of environmentally friendly, quality products, they even give their staff paid time off to attend to their favourite charities!! So, a good brand is something that makes us feel something, that makes us think of something other than just another business. Just as Richard Branson has won us over with his underdog cheeky persona, we believe in him as a brand and hand over our hard earned cash for his products and services.

Another essential consideration is to understand your market, it is simply not enough to know that you have a great product. Even if you think that you have created a product better than anyone else, you still have to sell it to an identified target market. Just because you have developed the best product or service does not ensure your success! Yes I suppose that sounds a bit cynical, but perhaps a quick chat with one the 4 out of 5 failed businesses would support my statement.

So, do your market research, identify your target market, speak to your customers and develop the relevant strategies; one simple sentence, but a decent amount of work required to apply successfully. BUT this is the path well travelled by the successful companies that have gone on to become an important part of our daily lives. And it will ensure a much greater chance of success for you as well.

Finally: Passion and Confidence. I guess it is about having the strength and courage to follow through on that brilliant idea or concept, having a decisive attitude to get out there and put yourself on the line, no great win has been achieved without some element of risk, and a lot of hard work. I guess you just need to calculate your risk (as per our target market discussion above) effectively before you put in the hard work to put your ideas to the market!

And that, my friends brings us back to "Attitude"... having a positive outlook and a positive energy about yourself and your business is the foundation from which you can build your brand, your target market, contacts and your passion and confidence. Without the right attitude you aren't going to win anyone over, let alone have a "win" for yourself!
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