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Every Prospect Always Ask These 2 Secret Questions

Aug 17, 2007
The internet is full of faceless strangers, who bombard users with promises of wealth and success. To distinguish yourself from these con artists requires a great deal of time and effort.

Have expertise and experience in your field is important, as well as a professional manner of manage the business.

To ensure your business success, there are two questions you should keep in mind, which every prospect always has, if you can follow through, your business empire will be built up soon.

Question #1: "Can I Trust You?"

Do not hide behind scene; put pictures of yourself on your website and make sure your prospect has all of your contact information. Give them your phone number and your instant messengers. Nobody wants to deal with a robot; they want to know that there is a real person behind the message.

To establish and build trust, do anything you can, as long as it can help you and make yourself more real, more human.

Following are some of my tips to help you build trust with your prospects.

1) Be consistent and do not give up - Many people will not respond your message immediately; they will wait and want to see whether you are another night fly operator who is going to promote the next hot new opportunity or product to them or not.

So if you face this kind of situation, do not give up! Write to your prospects, post valuable information and content on your website or blogs, and show them your consistency. Let them know that you believe in your company's longevity and the benefits they are or going to get.

2) Be yourself - Share your story with your prospects. Give them a glimpse of your life. Otherwise, how can they trust you if they do not know anything about you?

3) Get to know your prospects - Find out about their life. Look for things you and your prospects have in common, things that you and your prospects can bond together.

If you have not yet spoken to your prospects, think about those common things that everyone in your target market has. List them down into points and focus on it in your email.

4) Be honest at all the time - Do not tell the lie to your prospects. Do not make those promises that you cannot keep or deliver. Do not give guarantees of how much money a person can make by click here or there. Do not gloss over the work that takes to build an online business. Be honest will not only help you gain a person's trust, it also help you earn their respect.

Question #2: "Can I Do This?"

For me, doing business on the Internet and be an Internet marketer, one of the nice things is that I gain lots of personal growth experience because you must work on yourself more than any other aspect in your business. You must work on it and work hard! You must help yourself. You must change the way you think, the way you look at reality.

Those essential parts determine you being in this career and achieve success in this field.

Well, how many of us start with have such high self-confidence? How many of us get into this business without a doubt that we will not be cheated by others, and how many of us think that we are going to achieve a huge success? Not many, right?

Most of us started with fear and thought we are not good enough. We lack many skills. We fear of be ridiculed, fear of FAILURE.

To make things work out with your prospects, you must address out those powerful emotions.

1) Remember, your prospects are same as you; we are all human beings. He or she needs to know that everyone starting out has had these same fears and doubts even those "heavy hitters".

Remind your prospects that we are all working in the progress, each one of us are facing at different stage of development. Let them know that your company has people just like them who are learning how to successes in the internet business. Share your story with them.

2) Be honest with your prospects; as I said earlier, make them aware that there will be a learning curve. Tell them from the beginning; in order for them to see the best results, they must stick with the program that they involved for at least a year.

3) Encourage your prospects and personalize the experience for them. Have them visualize another time in their life when they felt the same fear of failure, the same doubts about being able to accomplish a certain goal.

Such as a story of learning how to drive, remind them how wonderful feelings they had when they pass the test and got their driving license. How proud they feel about themselves. To let them realize that it was completely worth in the end because they stick with it. Remind them of the benefits they will receive by joining and sticking with your company.

4) Let your prospects know that you are always there be with them, for them, help and guide them along. Make sure they understand that the most important step in achieving success is to getting started!

You probably have not heard any of your prospects ask you these two questions. However, you must address them out. If you can get these two points across successfully, you will have earned their trust and given them some much-needed confidence in their abilities.
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Ann Liu, author of "Online Profiting: A Simple Way To Start and Build Your Own Online Business". To learn how YOU too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit http://Marketingbyann.com
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