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How To Make Money as a Podcast Production Service

Aug 17, 2007
Now that we have a foundation, I'd like to shift back into podcast mode and how you can make money as a talent producing them.

The following are 5 ways that you can make money from podcasting.

1. Research
2. Copy writing
3. Voice Over
4. Music Production / Jingles
5. Distribution

Although #2, #3, and #4 look familiar to you as a professional voice talent and producer, the first and fifth may seem a bit irregular. Trust me, these are services people will pay for as well.

Let's start from the beginning.

1. Research

Researching information about markets, products, services, or special interest topics is a task for most people and doesn't fall under the heading of "Enjoyable". It's also time consuming. Many people will not have the time, desire or skill to research their podcast format or topics to be discussed.

2. Copy Writing

A large number of you are gifted in this area of skill. If you are good with words, phrasing, and highlighting key points to summarize for a segment or show, this service is also something that could be charged for on a per word or per episode basis.

If episodes are timed out to last X amount of time, you'll be able to calculate how many words should be written for each podcast. Don't be afraid of scripting! Scripts keep voiceovers on track and also maintain professionalism, minimizing tangents and useless information.

3. Voice Over

Ah, this is home, you say! The voice over component of a podcast is without a doubt the quickest and most exciting part of the production cycle.

This is where you can explore different reads and really customize the podcast for an audience and your client. If you are the host, opportunities for you to communicate are greatly increased. If you're the imaging and promo talent, make sure that you fully embody the essence of that podcast program. It will show in the recording and school of public opinion.

4. Music Production / Jingles

What podcast nowadays is complete without music production? Music plays a role unlike any other element. Music can take on the identity of a segment or transition to the next gracefully and distinctly.

Some podcasts have jingles in them to start off the show. This isn't as common as musical interludes (or, if you're into Classical music 'ritornello'), but they are effective if used the right way. Again, these are services that you should be charging for, especially if you have composed and performed the music yourself.

5. Distribution

If you've ever submitted your website to directories, you'll understand how significant this area of promotion is.

Distribution is another area that customers have little to no time to execute. A podcast relies upon gaining new listeners in order to become successful. If you were to take the time to properly setup the RSS feed and manage a blog for your client, going the extra mile to submit to podcast directories will yield amazing results and get that podcast out there and into the hands and ears of the public.

Because of the tedium this may create for you, charging a premium for this service is strongly suggested. No one wants to volunteer themselves for this activity unless they are a glutton for punishment.

Of course, depending on your client, your fees will vary. If a podcast is for a large entity that intends to use their podcast to generate leads and sales, a higher fee for your work could apply than if it were a podcast for those podcasters who simply do what they do for fun or as a creative outlet.

If you can provide the complete package for someone, your services will be in demand and you can make a solid income as a podcast producer.
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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the VP of Marketing with Voices.com, the voice over marketplace hosting more than 8,000 professional voice talents. Stephanie is also the author of The Definitive Guide To Voice-Over Success.
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