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Internet Search Engines, Important Details Everybody Should Know

Aug 17, 2007
Internet Search Engines see something totally different than what we see when we look at a webpage. It is all in the webpage code. Have you ever seen webpage code? Place one of your webpages into your browser.

Now right click your mouse. Go almost to the very bottom and click view source or view page source. That is what the internet search engine sees when it looks at your webpage. That is your webpage code.

Robots or spiders are sent out to crawl these pages of code. They hand off the information to indexers. The indexers take the information and store it in a vast database. It is generally stored in relevant areas in the database. For instance, information on training dogs would not be found alongside information on eyeglasses.

These databases are set up like this for keywords. Keywords are entered into a search engine for finding topics related to your website. You will need to optimize your website with relevant keywords in order to get the best possible placement in the search engines.

You should use your keywords and keyword phrases effectively within your site. When the spiders come to crawl your site the keywords then get picked up. There should be a variety of keywords and keyword phrases used.

Within the code of your site you should use keywords also in the title tag. They should be used in a descriptive sentence for each page within your site. The most relevant words and phrases should be used in the home page title. Repeat the keyword phrase two or three times.

Use of Meta tags is also important. Place all relevant keyword phrases in your Meta tag. Sometimes it is best to use phrases rather than single keywords; as single keywords can be very competitive. Also avoid their overuse.

Overuse can hurt website placement with some search engines. Use commas or spaces to separate the keywords but do not use both. Use the singular and plural forms of the word or phrase, also upper and lower case words and phrases.

The content of your site is the most important part of keyword placement. Search engines often concentrate on the first 250 words. They hunt for relevancy and density, so place the majority of your keywords there.

Try and get a five to seven percent density but not much more than that. Search engines will consider this spamming and it will hinder your placement. Make sure the content makes sense without sounding too repetitive. It may be helpful to write your content without your keywords and then modify the content to incorporate your most relevant keywords.

Internet search engines do not penalize websites for no reason. If you experience a drop in your ranking do not point the finger of blame at them. It could very well be the fault of your competition; in which case you have to sharpen up your tools.
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