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Aug 17, 2007
The roadmap to personal success always starts with the strong attitude, a will to make something happen, which leads you to your target. That is the engine of your internet business success. On the top of that, the driver has to know how to drive successfully in the internet business traffic and what is the destination of the drive.

If you have just started or want strongly improve your internet business results, how can you do that? Is it possible? I can tell you that the answer is positive, yes it is. Follow the KISS principle. Follow those, who have already done that and pick your strategy and actions from them. This is a follow your guru strategy, which is the best for everybody, who wants to make it in the internet business.

I remember when I started my internet business, I had a strong traditional marketing and advertising background but I saw right away that internet marketing is 100 % different. The basic idea is the same but actions are different. So I tried to think as simply as I could and made a question to myself. Who is the expert on this field? I started to dig the names and found some. I started to read their readings, what they thought, what tools they could offer?

Soon I found out that tested, real life cases were the most interesting and useful ones. I understood that if I could follow those, I could make my success in the internet business. But I also recoqnised that there were only a few marketers in internet home business, who are highly respected by others. This was a good news for me, because it made the learning even simpler.

Think how simple this formula was. To find out a guru, who gives you a collection of proven marketing tools and strategies to pick from. It sounded like quaranteed success.

I also thought right in the start that one target must be to avoid big errors. This was very important target because errors could have eaten my motivation and money. That could have been the end of my business, without motivation no one can do anything. So I tried to follow my guru as well as possible.

I also followed top forum discussion and got many useful tips and great help from there. I also found out how many respected writers I could meet there. Amazing!

And then I experienced a very pleasant moment. My Follow Your Guru project started to work. I started to get sales. One small but important thing or tool, I want to share with you is that try to get your Guru Advice and real life case studies in the form of an internet business course or ebook. This means that you will have a manual in use, which you can take and read, whenever you want to make sure what to do. A manual will keep your thoughts on the right road and you can come back to that as often as you will.
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