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Is The Abc Bartending School For You

Aug 17, 2007
Are you thinking about becoming a bartender? Looking for a bartending school? Then there are a few things you need to know before pursuing a career as a bartender. Many of us might think that the job is a walk in the park. Well, I am here to say - Think again.

Becoming a bartender is no small feat. You have to posses a few qualities that frankly many of us don't really have. Or at least I can say don't really utilize very effectively. As a bartender you have to be attentive, even in the face of chaos. You must be organized, knowing where things are and having access to them at a given notice. You have to be able to think quick on your feet, another words make quick decisions. We may think we posses these qualities, but in this environment you must have those qualities ready available. And you must be able to turn them on and put them into overdrive, which many of us don't want to do.

Almost for every party you can normally find loads of drinks being served. These drinks come in all sizes, colors and potency. They can be the alcoholic variety and the non alcoholic type. For the non boozer type of drink all that you need to do is just serve the drinks as the guests like. For the alcohol-dependent drinks you must know something about these drinks or you should get a pro bartender. This is one of those trades that you may have a hard time BSing your way through it. It's simple you can either mix a drink or you can't. A school that has a good reputation and is fairly well know is the ABC Bartending School. Now before you go rush off and sign up do your research and make an educated decision on what school is right for you.

This school teaches a wide range of diversified people how to be top class bartenders in real life situations. There are many new classes that are being instructed at the ABC Bartending School every week. At all of these classes, students are granted pragmatic lessons in bartending and mixing drinks. Another words, they are taught from a real live perspective, not a lot of theory. The students learn the fine art of bartending behind a bar. Here they are faced with all of the implements that a bartender needs. This is important to know, because not all bartending schools offer such intense hands on training. Again, find out the facts before making a commitment.

As they advance through the courses the students of the ABC Bartending School are instructed the diverse aspects of being a bartender. Let's face it, to be good it takes more than just serving a good drink. It takes character and personality just to name a few other qualifications it takes to be a good bartender. They learn how to blend assorted types of alcoholic beverages and the correct names that many of these drinks are known as. They are conditioned to serving a multiple number of customers at the same time without getting the orders mixed up or all wrong. And as some of you may know, you could be tasked with remembering multiple orders. This is no small feat even for someone who has a sponge for a memory.

In addition the students are shown how to make and serve all of these drinks at a quick pace. What is a good bartender without speed. This is very important in a bar as well as at a party. Just for the simple fact, if there is a deficiency of quick servicing the customers will leave. And guess what? You will be dealing with the upset of your boss. This also teaches the beginner bartender the artistic production of being able to care for high pressure situations with a tranquil position and a upbeat demeanor. Bottom line it takes class, style, patiences and an excellent attitude.

While learning how to make and serve drinks the students of the ABC Bartending School also pick up on how to be a creditworthy bartender. This means knowing the safe guidelines for serving drinks to the various customers. As this is now a necessity in many states in the US. The students have the jump in this business because of their high caliber training system. This of course, is according to the ABC Bartending School information.

There are many other aspects to bartending that the ABC Bartending School teaches to all of its students. This is what makes them higher-ranking bartenders. Also, why they are able to find good paying jobs in diverse parts of the entertainment and hospitality trade with less trouble. The ABC Bartending School is know to speak the facts about what it takes to be an excellent bartender. It is these facts that make sure that its students can get great jobs because they have the hands on experience of bartending. When searching for a bartender school of choice get the facts. Learn all you can about the school. And remember The ABC Bartending School is one of many, who just has been around for a few years.
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