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Without A Website Marketing Strategy, Your Website May Fail

Aug 17, 2007
A website marketing strategy is crucial to the promotion of your business. Gone are the days when merely having a website is enough to generate interest in your business. Today, companies can spend thousands of dollars to create, design, and host a website only to find that no one is visiting their online creation. With the increasing number of individuals and businesses online today, getting and maintaining online traffic takes more than just having a web page. Today, you need a website marketing strategy to generate interest in your site. In other words, you not only need to create a winning website, but you also need to be able to promote it effectively to get business results.

Relying on a website marketing strategy does not mean that you can ignore the design and content of your website. In fact, you need to begin with the very best website possible. If you have a quality web presence to promote your business, you may have customers book-marking your website and returning again and again. They may even recommend your site in their blogs or emails. When this happens, your website gets more traffic, and more traffic can actually boost your Google rankings and make you more visible online. For all these reasons, it makes good business sense to hire professionals to create the very best company website possible. Where it is possible, aim for something that is fun and informative. Include interesting facts or news items, but also provide useful how-to articles to make customers interested in returning.

Whether you hire professionals or create your own website marketing strategy, it makes sense to have a concrete plan in place for how and when you will be promoting your website. It is a good idea to write down your objectives for the website.

A professional with experience in website marketing strategy and planning can help you determine how many of your visitors, on average, become customers, and this can help you determine how many visitors you need in order to have a specific number of paying customers. In other words, a website marketing strategy professional may be useful even in the planning stages of your web promotion.

Once you have your goals and a web page worth promoting, you have many options for actually advertising your online presence. Your website marketing strategy can include viral marketing that actually encourages other people to promote your company. For example, you may include online games or e-cards that website viewers can send to their friends. These items may have links back to your website. You may wish to simply offer free items such as resources or reports to regular readers of your blog or website. Another way of promoting your website is through feeder sites. This means creating one-page sites that link back to your main website. These pages increases the odds that customers will eventually find your website. You may even wish to simply pay for advertising on already popular online forums, newsletters, or websites. Yet another option is to create an affiliate program, which pays others for every paying customer they send to your website.

When considering which website marketing strategy may be right for you, consider your business and your customers and try to create a marketing campaign that is appropriate and specific to your business. Creating a solid website marketing strategy can make a huge difference in your business, so think strategically to create the best ways to promote your company.
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Andy West is a freelance writer for Vertical Measures, an Internet Marketing Company that can create a quality website marketing strategy for your business. For more information, visit http://www.verticalmeasures.com .
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