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The Number One Mistake Made by New Marketers

Aug 17, 2007
Think back to the last time you bought something. Let's suppose it was a widget of some sort, an iPod for example. Did you buy the iPod because you wanted a little computer that stores files? Or did you buy that iPod because you wanted to be able to easily listen to your favorite music, audiobooks, podcasts, and watch your favorite videos anytime, anywhere?

I hope the answer to that question is obvious to you. When you saw an ad for an iPod did it go into detail about the kind of hard drive it had, how long research was done to perfect it, or why they picked those little white headphones? Of course not, because you don't care. Apple knows you don't care and won't try to change your mind because they also know you wouldn't buy it for any of those features anyway.

That is mistake number one that marketers make when promoting their products or services. They focus their advertising on the features that make it so cool and unique. I've seen a lot of things that were "cool and unique" but I never felt the slightest impulse to buy them.

I'm sure you've experienced a similar situation. Why didn't you buy a different mp3 player? The other companies weren't able to convince you that the benefits in choosing their product were worth more than the money they were asking for it.

That's the secret: promote the benefits of your product or service and forget the features. Once your prospect sees what's "in it for them" they will naturally recognize the value your product presents and won't require tough sales closing techniques. It's sounds overly simple, but it's the biggest mistake businesses make in their marketing.

You can be different immediately by focusing your ads on the benefits your product gives your clients instead of trying to convince your prospects that you have more gizmos and gadgets than the competition.

Another example: you don't have a door on your house because you wanted a door. You purchased that door because that door provides you with privacy, security, and keeps your home warm. What does your product do that will enrich peoples lives?

If your product or service does NOT enrich people's lives and you're just in business to make money, trust me, you will go out of business. The only way to get what you want out of your business is to help your prospects get what they want out of life. If you can give your customers that benefit, you will lead a successful business and ultimately a happier life knowing what you are doing for other people.
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