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How Well You Prospect and Sell Can Determine Your Business Success

Aug 17, 2007
Starting a business, which may also include an internet presence, requires a variety of skills and abilities. Unfortunately, the need for these certain skills is discovered later on down the road. Aspiring entrepreneurs often spend plenty of time selecting just the right product or service to sell. They consider the office equipment they'll buy. They even go to great lengths to insure their websites are picture perfect.

While these chores are all part of the fun working a small or home based business, the most over-looked aspect that is required of nearly all businesses is the ability to prospect for customers and convert them into sales. Typically, the aspiring entrepreneur discovers that the art of acquiring prospects and making a sale is actually a necessary skill.

We are all customers to somebody or some business nearly every day of our lives. How much thought do we give on how they obtain our business much less the thought of how they skillfully develop their customer base and sell their products or services?

Some business owners may argue that their product or service is so exceptional that the word will spread and customers will come a knocking.

While such conviction is admirable, the reality of modern day living requires business owners to promote and promote effectively. The world is a busy place with thousands of businesses competing for our patronage.

As customers, we demand products and services that make living easier, cheaper, faster or more productive. Getting your marketing message out there and following up with prospective clients in an efficient and effective manner is an absolute necessity. If you cannot prospect and sell skillfully, how will that reflect on the success of your business?

Here are some proven methods for finding new prospects and turning them into customers easily and cost effectively.

1) Get a web site and get it listed by the search engines. Make sure your site collects the contact information of your interested prospects 24/7. Nearly all successful small and home based business websites do this. Done correctly, the internet can pull in lots of new customers with very little effort. The key to using a website is delivering the right message to the right people and following up with them. Your site has to be effective, the copy has to be right, and it must be visible in the search engines so people can find you.

2) Sell over the telephone in addition to having an email follow up system. While face-to-face meetings will always have their place, people simply do not have time for more appointments in their day.
Telephone conversations are an acceptable way of doing business. Prospects feel like they've made a personal connection with you when you give them information over the phone.

3) If you don't have time to build your own professional web site, and you can't bear the idea of talking to hundreds of strangers on the phone, there is a solution: Outsourcing. These days, you can outsource almost anything including website design as well as your online promoting and selling. There are companies that specialize in doing this type of work for you.

In the past, outsourcing this key element of a business endeavor would cost tens of thousands per month. It's common for huge corporations to hire an outside selling team. Today, with online and telephone automation, you can also have the essentials of business, phone calls and closing, done for you by professionals. It can also be done for about what it would cost to get a moderately priced home office computer.

So, if or when you discover the need to develop sales and marketing skills to profitably promote your business, you now have an alternative to learning how to do it well yourself: outsource.
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Robert Williams is the Editor of Work At Home Business Website. Robert uses a state of the art automated system to do all his promoting, prospecting, and selling. Visit Robert's blog
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