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Why Join Affiliate Programs

Aug 17, 2007
E-commerce is such a massive industry these days, and so many different opportunities exist for the online business, that sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees. What I mean is that it can be difficult for someone new to this world of virtual businesses to determine what works and what doesn't. There is so much reading and research that goes into the development of a sound online business strategy that some people may give up before they get going. But there is one way to make money with your online business that doesn't take much thought to see why it works. It's the affiliate program, and I'm going to tell you why it is such a great idea.

This part is for the online merchant selling products or services. Whether you've been in business online for awhile, or if you're just getting started, you will need to generate traffic for your site to build sales. Affiliate programs group together literally thousands of merchants and non-merchants alike, all looking for the same thing: traffic. The way it works for you as the merchant is this: you join an affiliate program, others join and advertise your site in some way on their site. You get highly-interested leads from them, and you pay them for it. The great thing about the programs is that they are pay-for-performance. You don't pay unless a lead or a sale is generated from that affiliate. Remember that the non-merchant wants to make as many referrals as possible, so they will literally be working for both their, and your, benefit.

For the non-merchant business there are distinct advantages to joining an affiliate. First, you will be providing your visitors with links to the merchant, so you make money by getting more people to come to your site, and then getting them to go to the merchant. You get paid for the number of leads or sales generated by your efforts. Another thing to remember is that you have the opportunity to increase this traffic by getting others to advertise your site. True, you will have to pay for the leads generated, but the benefits of that added traffic to your site far outweigh the costs.

As a final note to all online businesses, affiliate programs are relatively easy and cheap to manage. They are in the business of generating business for all of their clients. Therefore, it is usually far less costly, and much less work for you to join an affiliate program than it would be for you to try to manage your own list of affiliates. And with the massive number of members these affiliate programs have, you are in a position to tap a far wider range of the market than you could hope for if you do the whole thing on your own.
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