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About MLM Affiliate Programs and Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
So what exactly is an MLM affiliate program? It is one in which you, as an individual, can get paid commissions by referring others to a particular business. In many cases, you could get a certain percentage of the sales that are generated by your sending a customer to a particular website that is making money directly off of the sale. The Multi-level Marketing (MLM) part of the equation comes from you earning a commission based on the sales drawn to the site by other affiliates you encouraged to join. So this becomes your primary focus, referring affiliates that will do the selling for you.

Most MLM affiliate programs are free to join, and if you have a website already there is no reason not to take the shot. Some will try to charge you a fee when you sign up, but with so many free MLM affiliate programs available, there is no reason to waste your money. By having a web site that is currentloy attracting traffic, you are one step closer to making the sale. The basic way they work is that banners or links will be displayed on your page. When someone clicks on one of those links, they are sent to another site where they can purchase product and you can be credited. The system is simplistic in nature and although I have not liked them in the past, I am considering more of them now.

All MLM affiliate programs use a tracking system of some sort to keep up with your earnings. The most common way they will do this is to assign you an identification number of some sort. This number will then be set into the code of your website, that way those who are referred will be credited to you. Similar methods are used to track your referred affiliates as well, which are often referred to as second tier earnings. Some MLM programs pay on a third tier also. Just depends on which program you get involved with.

Beware, because there are some MLM programs where the owner is a little less than honest and you may find it hard to collect your earnings. This is not a major problem, but rather something to keep in mind as you do your research before selecting a program. Try to find out how long the program has been in business to get an idea of the policies and procedures.
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