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Aug 17, 2007
Many billboards can be rented for as little as $800 per month, depending on the location. Consider using a billboard to augment your current marketing campaign. You may find that this form of advertising is less saturated with websites and may even end up generating a better result than Internet-based advertising.

Consider purchasing the software needed to create a social network similar to Myspace, but for your specific niche. Creating and maintaining such a site will help you get your current clientele to participate in the growth of your business. More friends joining the network is always a bonus for them, so they will promote it without your even asking.

Consult with a marketing expert to determine how you can best use your time when promoting your business. While these sessions can be quite costly as much as several hundred dollars an hour they can radically change how you go about your daily business. Additionally, they will give you the confidence to market more effectively.

Make a number of creative and enticing non-commercial pages on your site. Submit these to social bookmarking sites. Spend the time to pick out the right tags, so that your pages actually get seen by a considerably amount of viewers. If this experiment is successful, a number of people will bookmark your site, increasing its ranking on those sites.

Consider purchasing some form of cost per action advertising. This form of advertising only charges you when someone takes a specific action, such as opting-in or purchasing a product from your sales page. This is one of the better forms of advertising, since it virtually guarantees a return on your investment.

If you regularly send out customer support emails or emails to joint venture partners, you should always put a sales page or opt-in page link in all of your emails. While the amount of sales you may get from this is minimal, you will still pick up additionally sales that you otherwise never would have seen.

Give your current customers a powerful incentive for promoting your business. For instance, you could give them a report completely for free and allow them to resell it. Of course, somewhere in the report, you will want to include some form of upselling mechanism, such as a link back to your site or a link to one of your landing pages for a related product.

Setup joint venture partnerships with other businesses in the industry. You can do this by searching for other big sites in your niche and then contacting them. If you have to, you can use a customer service contact number to find out how you can talk to the owner. Make sure you tell your partner precisely what working with you will entail in terms of actions and benefits.
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