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The Importance Of Timely And Regular Lead Follow Up

Aug 17, 2007
Your real estate VA shoots you a new list of hot leads straight to your inbox. Do you grab onto this opportunity to increase your sales, or do you figure they can wait until later?

What if by the time later comes, these hot leads have become nothing more than remnants of opportunity lost. What kind of sales figures would you be seeing right now if only you had seized the opportunity these leads held when they first arrived in your inbox? You can not even blame the loss of such an opportunity to increase your sales on your virtual assistant, they did their job and got those leads to you straight away. No, you are the one who dropped the ball on this one. Learn from this loss and do not let another opportunity for successful sales and high revenue pass you up again.

Success as a real estate agent takes some footwork, if you skimp on that, it will show in your financial reports as huge losses instead of the large returns you would be seeing, if only you had done the footwork as soon as these leads landed in your hands. Do not let this be your fate.

The best chance for the conversion of leads into successful sales is when they are at their freshest. People can be fickle, subject to changing their minds quickly, or so impatient to receive the results they are seeking that they will go with whatever agent is standing at the ready. Although such action has the high risk of being detrimental to many consumers goals, impatience often overrides common sense for someone wanting fast results now and not later. Be the realtor at the ready for the client who wants action on their transaction now, but also be the prepared, footworking, successful real estate agent who provides better services than the agents who choose to retain a laxidaisy attitude towards the importance of timely and regular follow ups.

Participating in the real estate industry requires a lot of time and money investment on the part of the agent out to gain the most success possible. If you want high return on investments you had better seize onto opportunities for successful sales whenever possible and as soon as they arise. You can accomplish this by making it a practice to do this on a regular basis.

Do not be content with just dreaming about success, turn those dreams into reality. Conduct timely and regular lead follow ups and success will be a reality for you.

Knowledge is power when it comes to gaining success in everything we do in life. From our youth to our retirement years, the more knowledge we have, the further we get. Empower yourself with all of the knowledge that is available for you to gain and that can help you to be a successful real estate agent. Knowledge is powerful, always strive to learn more today than what you knew yesterday, because knowledge determines your tomorrow.
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