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A Deadly Mistake Made In Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
I once participated in a group that really promised a great future for all its members because the leaders had supposedly negotiated a great deal with a major communications company. The partnership was going to enable us to sell our telecom services and receive a residual monthly commission but rent the major communication company's hardware.

It sounded like a great deal and once I was told about it, I believed and dove in to promote the group. The vision of a network of telecom users from whom I would build an incredible monthly residual income dominated my thoughts since it was a communication device used everyday by just about everybody. The "launch" was set for a few months from the time I joined.

The months passed and I anxiously prepared my marketing campaign that was going to create an unbelievable income stream for me. I spent a long time preparing exactly how I was going to get customers fast...and the promised launch month came and went. No news. No announcement. Nothing.

Of all the things people hate about marketing, the worst is when people feel deceived.

The group I was with committed the major mistake of making promises without being able to back them up. I joined on the basis of being able to work my business with that specific deal (which must have been too good to be true) but at least I had the sense not to wait around hoping that it would come through.

The rich and successful all have something in common: integrity. I know, I know, you're probably thinking "but I know of people with lots of money who have NO integrity." Yes, it's true that you can have money and not have integrity, but it takes more than just money to make a person rich. What good is money if your health is poor and failing? What good is money if your relationships are miserable and you have no family to share the money with?

To be really rich in the fulfilling and lasting sense, you must have a positive mental attitude, good health, strong relationships, freedom from fear, a hopeful future, learn from mistakes, love what you do, keep an open mind on all subjects, wisdom to understand people, self discipline, and financial security.

If in your marketing you make promises that have no real hope of being fulfilled, you are doomed to fail. You may make money in the short run, but you will lose the integrity you need to become truly rich and your business will gradually suffer and disappear as so many dishonest businesses do. I've seen hundreds of businesses come and go and unfortunately, many only last a few months. To ensure the longevity of your business and your rich and happy life, always be honest in your marketing and only make promises that you can keep.
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