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Major Online Directories and Their Uses

Aug 17, 2007
There are many important and interesting online web directories websites. One of them is Yahoo!, a popular online Web directory. Other websites of note: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., Rolling Stones, Time Warner, and the White House.

One of the inevitable spin-offs of any new commercial endeavor is the glut of new instructional books and periodicals devoted to it. According to a source at a major computer store chain, this growing list of Internet titles increases at the rate of six every two weeks.

Among the most popular are Internet for Dummies and a less insulting title, Access the Internet. Other popular titles include: Zen and the Art of the Internet, Internet Starter Kit for Windows 2nd Edition. The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet, 2nd Edition, and The Internet Yellow Pages, available through Link-Up's "Bookshelf" section.

The Online Marketing Handbook and 101 Businesses You Can Start on the Internet are two valuable how-to books for entrepreneurs who want to indulge in the marketing opportunities on the Net. Authored by marketing and publicity specialist Daniel S. Janal, both books are published by Van Nostrand Reinhold ($ 24.95) and the former is also available through Bookshelf.

A Word of Warning

Okay. Assuming you are fully equipped, all-knowing, and ready to sling your way through the online web directories, you need to be forewarned about some of the black holes in cyberspace.

Every new technology - electricity, television, telephones, computers, etc. - had its moment of adjustment and uncertainty. The Web and the Internet are no exceptions. This time, however, the issues are far more reaching and pit the population against unprecedented challenges, largely due to the unlimited scope of the Net. Legislation is still pending and questions still remain about who should or even could govern this universal medium.

The US legislature's primary concern centers on technology theft and other security issues. Private industry argues that any efforts to thwart the free flow of technology ultimately will deprive business of its ability to develop competitive products. Free speech advocates add that the I-Way (Information Highway) is the ultimate town square and to do anything to regulate it would be tantamount to muffling the town crier.

Unfortunately, online pornography and cybersex have taken the front seat over all these and other vital issues (including credit fraud). Although studies show that adult material on the Net comprises less than one percent of all traffic, the nabobs of negativism have forced the issue and demonized it into a national priority.

Software companies and network providers working on the premise that kids should be barred at the door are developing parental lockouts. Each area would be given a rating, similar to X ratings for motion pictures, so parents can predetermine the areas their children can go with password lockouts. America Online has so far developed the best system to meet this need.

Another movement afoot is advocating that parents be solely responsible for what their kids do online. One of the major proponents of self-rule is computer industry columnist Lawrence J. Magid, who offers tips for parents in a free booklet, Child Safety on the Information Highway, available through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at (800) THE LOST.

Yes, there are many issues to be resolved and technological challenges to overcome, but the reality is nobody wants to be left behind. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your head and don't get carried away by the technology or the dazzle. Use common sense and you'll go a long way to enjoying the Web and its many benefits without getting tangled up in it.
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