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How To Create An Info Product To Sell On eBay Quick & Easy

Aug 17, 2007
I think a lot of eBay sellers are beginning to now realise that a lot of money can be made on eBay through the creating and selling of digital information products. Info products - or eBooks as they are more commonly known - are great to sell on eBay. Once they have been created they require no further work. They can simply be listed on eBay and automatically delivered through the use of eBay's digital delivery feature or various software applications that automate digital delivery. The best part of selling eBooks however is the profit potential they possess. There are virtually no costs in creating your eBook - it can even be free - and it costs no further capital to reproduce the eBook. You can sell one or one million copies for the same price. Unlike physical products, you have a 100% profit on each sale of your eBook.

Many eBay sellers struggle and are even scared of the thought of writing your eBook, so what is the quick and easy method to create your first info product?

Creating an info product that can be ready for sale on eBay can easily be accomplished within 2 days, here's how...

Step one is to choose a niche to base your product around. The niche could be something you are interested in or knowledgeable about or even something you believe would be profitable.

Then you need to research information for your product. Create a word document and paste any releavnt information you find online that can be incorporated into your eBook.

Then develop a structure for your eBook. This can be simply outlining a list of chapters.

Now you need to fill in these chapters with relevant information. Use your initial research and begin to write out your product. Make the product unique and do not copy other's work.

Once you have all the content written, tidy the eBook up a bit by bolding words, underlining titles, adding sub-chapters, headers, footers and anything else you can do to make the eBook more presentable. Having said this, your eBook need not be a work of art and don't waste too much time on presentation.

All of the above steps should be completed within a day or two.

Now you need to create sales materials such as a sales letter for your eBook, graphics - such as an eCover, a header, a footer and a background.

List your eBook on eBay using the sales materials you have created yourself or had created. Set a price in order to make this venture profitable and wait for the sales to roll in.
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James Penn is an experienced eBay seller & has assisted many eBay sellers to help them make money on eBay in 2007 and for many years to come. Discover many of his other eBay selling tips that will help explode your eBay sales & grab a selection of free eBay eBooks by signing up to his free eBay newsletter.
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