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Finding The Best MLM Business For You

Aug 17, 2007
What is MLM anyway? It's Multi-Level Marketing. I prefer to refer to the industry as "Network Marketing", as the term MLM seems to have a negative stigma attached to it for some people. Don't worry; though they have similarities, MLM opportunity work is not the same as pyramid schemes. No one is being defrauded in the MLM or Network Marketing Industry.

When you start a MLM business for yourself, you basically become an independent consultant or distributor for a product or family of products that have true value for the purchaser. These products can range from cosmetics to herbal supplements to distinctive cookware and gadgetry for the kitchen.

One of the benefits of starting your own MLM business, other than the whole being your own boss angle, is a low start-up cost. This type of home business can be started for as little as a few hundred dollars, usually used to purchase a sample kit of the products your business will be offering to market.

When selecting the best MLM company to work with, I suggest you make sure the business you are considering meets all seven of the following criteria:

1) Unique Products:

Products must serve multiple different market categories, and must be unique enough to get patents, and they have to serve the masses.

2) Company Stability:

The ability to give you long-term business and financial security, based on theircompany and business history.

3) Marketing System:

The system used to market the business to others must be simple and duplicatable. This will ensure your business team will continue to grow strong and deep long after you cease your recruiting efforts!

4) Company Management:

Must be led by already successful leaders in business with a vision for future growth.

5) Global Reach:

Must be ground floor in their global expansion. This way you could potentially benefit from the companies plans for continued growth worldwide.

6) Compensation & Incentives:

Must maximize your income based on your efforts. Must payout at least 50% of Sales, must offer unlimited depth within compensation plan, Fast Start Bonuses, and other Rewards and Recognition, you must be able to achieve $10,000/month true residual with less than 500 people in your organization.

7) Pay-It-Forward:

Does the company Pay-It Forward to the Masses. They must give back globally what they are taking out. The company's vision must be to make an impact on the world in a positive way.

Once you've decided which company looks most attractive to you using the seven criteria listed above, learn all you can about that company so that you feel comfortable in your new home-based business endeavor. You'll also then be able to answer any questions that come from potential customers and/or business partners. You don't want to be faced with a question you can't answer, as it would not reflect well on you as an independent product distributor or the company whose products you are selling.

After you've made the decision, done your due diligence, and actually made the capital outlay for a sample business kit, it's time to hit the road to showcase the products and generate the first sales in your new home-based MLM business.
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