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Things Not To Do When Starting Your Own Real Estate VA Practice

Aug 17, 2007
These are some of the things that you shouldn't do when starting your own real estate VA practice.

1.Do not let your enthusiasm for starting your own VA practice override the sensibility of carefully creating a business plan before you put that open for business sign in the window. Many people have jumped right into business with plenty of enthusiasm, but without a clearly-defined business plan, which doomed them to certain failure. Do not let this happen to you. Take the time to plan your path to success in your VA practice.

2.Do not think that you are so educated on matters pertaining to the Virtual Assistant industry that you do not need to continually boost your knowledge. The real estate market is one of constant change-and those who do not keep themselves up with those changes-quickly fall by the wayside.

3.Do not assume you know everything there is to know about such things as marketing, website design, networking, building client relationships, how referrals can be used to increase sales, and the techniques that are available to help you succeed in your own VA practice. Know-it-alls are quite often the last to become aware of the changing trends that can affect how well a VA is able to compete with other VAs with similar practices. Always remain open to learning new ways to give your practice the opportunity for success.

4.Do not become a yes person to everyone or soon you will be over-extended, and end up disappointing clients and yourself. It is okay to admit when you are unable to take on additional work. To soothe things, you can recommend someone that you trust for the job.

5.Do not let your clients walk away without knowing how much you appreciate their business. Maintaining good business relationships with your clients is integral to retaining clients and also helps create referrals to new clients from the clients you have taken the time to show your appreciation to.

6.Do not ever let a chance to network and build relationships with other real estate professionals slip by. You never know when one of these contacts will lead to a hot prospect that could mean a huge profit for you.

7.Do not be afraid to delegate some work to an assistant if those tasks keep you from being as productive as you could be. Yes, even Virtual Assistants sometimes find themselves in need of an assistant. It is all about being able to out-max your competitors in the amount and quality of the work you do in your practice.

8.Do not neglect to consider the importance of a web presence in todays highly competitive and growing virtual assistant industry. If you are not up to date on such things as the SEO of a website, hire a SEO website designer to give your VA website what it needs to compete with other VA websites.

9.Do not repeat the mistakes that other VAs have made when opening their own practices. You can do this by learning from their experiences, which are shared-freely in our online networking communities for you to join.

10. Do not become complacent. Becoming and staying successful in your business will take work, if you are not into working hard, then starting your own business is not the right choice for you.
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