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Mystery Shopping Tips

Aug 17, 2007
Mystery shopping is an excellent way to earn a part-time income with flexible hours. All large companies use mystery shoppers to evaluate customer service. This is a great job for seniors, retirees, students, stay at home moms and dads, disabled people, or anyone that wants to earn some extra money while shopping.

1. All legitimate mystery shopping companies will not charge you to become a mystery shopper. Why would they charge you to work for them?

2. There are several websites that you can sign up as a Mr. Shopper for free.

3. When you complete a report, just stick to the facts. Most companies do not want your personal opinions.

4. Be very careful to blend in with the other customers. The last thing that you want is to stand out.

5. Make sure that you realize what is involved in completing a particular report. Once you accept a fee it is bad business to ask for more money. Therefore, spend a few minutes to make sure that you understand what is required before accepting an assignment.

6. Be careful not to fall for scams. Some companies charge you a fee to register as a mystery shopper. This is completely unnecessary because there are several legitimate companies that do not charge anything to sign up.

7. In order to keep receiving jobs, it is important that you complete them on time and follow the instructions exactly.

8. Try to schedule your jobs in the same area, so that you are not driving all over town.

9. Get certified as a mystery Shopper. This will add tremendous credibility. It proves that you take your job as a mystery shopper very serious.

10. Make sure that you are capable of completing the job accurately before accepting it. If you have any doubt about the assignment, do not accept it. You do not want an unsatisfactory report to be held against you. This is a business just like any other business. Therefore, you have to work hard to keep your customers happy.

In summary, mystery shopping is an excellent way to earn a part-time income. Why not get paid while you're shopping? Most people mystery shop part time, but some people have turned this into a full-time business. If you're serious about mystery shopping, it is best to become certified. This is a fun and easy way to earn extra money.
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