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The Fast And Easy 5 Step Formula For Starting A Home Business Under $100!

Aug 17, 2007
Step1: Find a Niche Market

This can be done by knowing what you, the Internet Marketer is passionate about. Whether it is losing weight, skin care, making money, etc... A search on this niche market should be done on Google.com. Once this is done, take a look around at what's there. This will give the marketer an idea of which way to go with this niche market.

Step 2: Secure a Domain and Web hosting

To be an Internet marketer, one must secure a website for all that he/she plans to market. A great site to secure web hosting is Yahoo. Yahoo has a phenomenal web hosting package for beginners and a phenomenal one for the advanced marketer. Yahoo has even upgraded each account to come with its own BLOG with RSS capabilities for no extra charge! (Always remember when getting a website, make sure to get the best domain name and keywords for the niche market. This will allow the website to be indexed a lot faster. Digitalpoint has a great site to help find the best keywords for the new website.

Step 3: Learn to become an Affiliate Marketer

Now that the marketer has his/her niche market and domain, the next thing needed is the product to sell. This is where the marketer learns how to become an affiliate marketer. An affiliate marketer is someone that sells other peoples stuff and gets a percentage of the proceeds. Most affiliates get paid at least 50% of the product selling price. With so many affiliates out here, how will people see one lonely person? This is where the marketer learns how to become a SUPER AFFILIATE! These super affiliates are the few that make hundreds of thousands per year selling other peoples stuff!

Step 4: Sell, Sell, Sell, SELL!

The marketer now needs to find the best ways to get his/her new website seen by the millions of people accessing the Internet every single day. Search engines bring more than 90% of the revenue to Internet marketers.
Step 5: Multiple Streams of Income

The best way to get another stream of income to that new website is to use Google Adsense. Adsense is a program that allows the marketer to put ads of other marketers on a website and once that ad is clicked, Google will pay up to 68% of the bid for that ad! I have access to one of the best Adsense books on the Internet. This book is given away as a free bonus to those that acquire the e-book on making money with Google.

Now that the marketer's website is set up with the niche market product, on Google with Adsense, he/she is now ready to make a ton of money very fast! So here's to my wealth and YOURS!
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