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Boost Sales With Targeted Web Images

Aug 17, 2007
Images add pizzazz to your web site. You can make a web site more visually appealing and support your web content by providing a visual representation of your product.

Images also communicate a message. They can trigger feelings and emotions. Carefully selected, quality images that accurately support your sales copy will help to produce a positive response in your web visitors. More importantly, focused, high-quality web images will increase your sales! Quality graphics, like an overall quality web site, will inspire trust in you and your products.

Keep in mind that not just any image will be an improvement. In fact, if your choice of graphic images (photos, clipart, illustrations) is not properly focused and of high quality, then you could actually lose sales. Poor graphics will damage your credibility instead of boosting it. They suggest that you are not professional, your sales message is not to be trusted, and your product's value will become suspect.

What kind of graphics should you add to your site?

Use unique graphics that represent your products and enhance your sales message. Here are some images that can do that.

* A professional-looking header image at the top of your web pages. This is the first thing your web visitors (and potential customers) will see, and therefore is your first chance to make a good impression.
* An image representing your products. This can be an ebook cover, software box cover, or CD cover image.
* An attention-grabbing order button to attract people to your order link. Including action verbs in your order buttons, like "Click Here to Order Now!" can increase sales.
* Turn navigation links into images and keep them consistent on every page. I also recommend that you provide text links in addition to the image links for search engine optimization. You can put the text links at the bottom of the page.
* Include your URL on each Web page to make it easier for people to go back to your Web site when printing or saving your Web pages. You can include your URL and copyright information in an interesting-looking footer image.

Don't use too many images as this can have a negative affect. Too many images tend to distract the visitor which lessens the impact of your sales message. Use only enough images needed to support the focus of your site. The bottom line is: A few quality, focused images sell!
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