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Shorten Your Pathway to Financial Rewards...Create the Better Mousetrap

Aug 17, 2007
If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a pathway to your door.

Historians believe this saying dates back to the 1400s, but today, Marketers realize that the similarities between history and the application of the analogy go hand-in-hand.

Marketers, for years, have looked for a perfect solution to connect clients with consumers in a foolproof way. They always believed this miracle elixir must offer specific information to consumers, creating an immediate need that must be satisfied.

Presto! Marketing has evolved to meet the need.

Advertising science addressed the linkage between clients and consumers, but did not offer immediate results which could be authoritatively measured. You might have sold more products, but analyzing the client who was watching/listening/absorbing your advertising did not offer a true scientific analysis. Once the study of demographics evolved to a management science, marketers were able to recognize who the target was, and clients could purchase advertising to appeal to a specific niche.

The growth process and evolution of radio, television, movies, and online digital media has now brought this connection full circle once again, we have the same type of one-on-one relationship originally existing between shopkeepers and customers. Do you think it unusual to compare the best marketing practices of today to sales techniques which have been around since the turn of the century? It only reminds us of the saying everything old is new, again.

What is the name of this modern miracle?

Article Marketing.

Write an article and tell your story, addressing your reader directly. Press Enter on your computer keyboard and watch the magic happen. Connect to your readers. Connect with your clients. Make this immediate connection that drives sales and profits.

Every Marketing class that has ever been taught in the world teaches differentiation. Showing your customers how your product or service is different has always been the target. For so long, we have not had the ability to connect directly with consumers, but we have told our marketing story through surrogates; funny stories, entertaining pictures, cute, musical jingles, Now, you have the opportunity to share with the customer exactly and directly what you want them to hear. You can cut out the middleman. They want to hear what you have to say. It is a true win-win.

Moreover, marketing news becomes real news for your buyers. What you have to say can be new, insightful, and create demand with your reader. Marketers do not want to just write; you want to have your material read, too.

When you use Article Marketing as your communications medium with your clients, the clients read what you say. Marketers get results, they drive links, traffic and search engine placements in a way that is fast and easy. And it is cost effective.

It is almost magic.

The painstaking and time-killing requirement of identifying buyer intentions is no longer of paramount importance. You know your buyer wants to hear what you will tell her, because she has told you so. Requirements for purchase probability studies are removed. Sales force approvals are always important and sales input as to what to say is probably reinforced even more critically in the sales process, as all parts of the sales chain can interconnect more clearly and more rationally.

Development of your brand equity becomes a simpler, more controlled process. By letting you know their needs, you can even go so far as to custom develop what the customer tells you she wants. If the customer is satisfied with the offer, you have made and kept your promise to her. The value of your brand equity increases. As the assets of your business and your offers increase in value, your sales to your customer will increase, and this, in turn, will generate more loyalty and word of mouth marketing.

What is the key to the success of using Article Marketing as your Marketing vehicle?

One must recognize of the fact that consumers are in control, and you must give them what they want. They will tell you what they want to see, and you will offer it to them. They control the offerings. You are not focused on what the packaging for your offering appears, or how it will fit on a store shelf; you are focused on making sure that you meet the consumer demand.

Finally, the aspect of image is strictly controlled through your Article Marketing efforts. You create a perception, and the article you develop creates a reality. The sale of the product or service satisfies the need of the consumer.

Several Article Marketing sites now offer some type of editing as a critical process, but I believe the best is now offered through ArticleMarketer.com.

Keep in mind that the words you write communicate your image and presentation. Most of us need editing to make our writing concise and powerful.

I have found that ArticleMarketer.com and the Diamond Assurance Review Process offers the best overall approach and helps me develop concepts and thoughts in a way which both protects my writing, and helps to communicate my message well.
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