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Wholesale DVD List Scams- 2007 Warning!

Aug 17, 2007
The facts are overwhelming, any wholesale DVD list buyer today, must be skeptical and with extreme cautious when it comes to pulling out there credit cards. If you want to buy wholesale, you must do your own diligence with a time-tested DVD wholesale list that has the best prices to compete in the current market.

If you go to eBay right now and hit a search for: wholesale list, you should get thousands of results. Many confuse and deceive you with real tangible items, they are not- they are information in the majority compiled from $0.99-$5.00 mailed merchandise stamps that are outdated. They are not reliable.

While eBay is a great place for bargain purchases, a great majority of the items are not wholesale. EBay is a great place for the consumer, but its one of the not recommended places to find a reliable and trustworthy updated DVD wholesale list. Not all the crap can be filtered. EBay even got sued over 37 millions dollars for not deleting and potentially voiding on time Louis Vutton and Dior Couture merchandise.

Many of us keep buying such crap for potentially getting a golden gem distributor. Likely what you are to get out of 100 names, is one acceptable or mild distributor to do further due diligence. So what could you do if you want to invest hundreds of hours testing and contacting each and every supplier on eBay, again not the recommended way- but lets look at some facts.

You should see sellers that have items that are of interest to you and check their potential DVD wholesale list, if in the wholesale DVD industry. You should investigate and see for yourself if there merchandise competes with other eBay competitor items. If they do, do they offer some wholesale sources for a fee, either for e-commerce purposes or personal use?

One of the best ways to get information out of eBay power sellers is to contact the ones that ship to certain countries or specifically in a form you cannot do business and by letting them know of such situation right now with you.

The strategy that you can use successful may vary- you may have to test different approaches with such business-to-business professionalism. For some is just not comfortable to share there secrets, however, many power sellers know that due to the work involved in the beginning of the business be it wholesale DVD, video games or other- many will notify you of there suppliers and many will try to scam you. Be cautious.
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