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Key Targets For Business Coaches

Aug 17, 2007
If you are passionate about helping business-owners profit from their maximum potential, you can consider becoming a business coach. Business coaches come from different backgrounds and lifestyles, but they need to have certain common characteristics such as a passion for the business, commitment and the willingness to make a difference.

Many times, business coaches miss the opportunity to grow professionally because they do not want to slow down. One way to break this cycle is to center your attention to the things that inspire you. Seek inspiration by considering the targets and goals specifically designed for business coaches. Each target should be able to move you and the business forward.

. Recommit yourself to professional excellence: You are considered a good coach if you are capable of maintaining high professional standards. Professional excellence does not mean a highbrow demeanor that means you are better than others because of your standards, but it means that your high standards are intended to benefit your clients, peers and you in a positive manner.

Your intentions and ethics are also included in the professional excellence of coaching. They need to be in the right place and you need both, to achieve a high level of excellence professionally. If you are not a member of any coaching organization, you can print a copy of the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation. Read the ethics and reflect on what they mean to you, as an individual and a coach.

. Embrace some big challenges: Stand tall in the face of challenges and make sure that the challenges inspire you.

. Recommit yourself to personal excellence: This goal may seem to be deceptively simple, but it is not. For a business coach, personal excellence means living with integrity and then making sure that you meet all your requirements. In addition, you need to work towards achieving your own personal goals. Integrity is very important in coaching and it involves keeping the promises we make to ourselves. This is easier said than done because human beings are masters at deceiving themselves. Some additional steps for improving personal excellence include handling your wants and needs effectively. Needs keep us nurtured and motivate everyone. Needs are known to be simple and complex, hence you need to identify them and work towards fulfilling them.

. Expand your reach: Every business coach needs to achieve this target. You need to consistently seek to expand your network everyday. Many coaches do not spend much time making them visible. You can even be a great coach with very little business.

. Improve your key relationships: Pick 1 or 2 relationships in your life and work towards making them perfect. Nurture and support them and try to give unconditionally, even if it is difficult. Remember that your intention is to improve the relationship. Take the responsibility for the actions, but do not limit yourself to the result.

Make sure that you remember these key targets, to excel in the booming industry of business coaching. Remain updated with the latest techniques, tools and initiatives in the world of coaching.
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