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What Makes Executives Desire Coaching

Aug 17, 2007
Business owners, executives and managers move up the corporate ladder, based on their individual technical skills. However, once on top, they realize that the technical skills they had were not enough to handle the new responsibilities that required non-technical skills as well. An altogether different mindset is required to manage the workforce in an organization. The same holds true for running a business efficiently. New responsibilities, dealing with a larger workforce and handling large corporate accounts necessitate business coaching in work environments. In some organizations, executives need to be motivated to take business coaching lessons.

If executives lack the inclination to develop better business skills, then you can modify their compensation program to encourage them to attend the business coaching sessions. The compensation can be linked to their coaching performance, so that executives are automatically involved in business coaching programs. Likewise, such measures can also be taken to motivate executives to impart business coaching to their subordinates.

By providing training to executives to conduct one-on-one coaching, known as coaching-the-coach approach, coaching sessions can be made more interactive and interesting. Coaching areas include public speaking, financial issues and press relations. The coaching-the-coach approach assists executives to fulfill the coaching role, both as a coach and a learner efficiently. To begin with, conduct a confidential review to understand the strengths, weaknesses and potential of the executives.

A good business coach helps you to build and strengthen soft skills that are a prerequisite for managing large businesses. In the beginning, the business coach evaluates your business needs and accordingly designs a structured coaching schedule that fits your individual organization or business. They assist executives and managers to set smart business development goals, thereby ensuring that they master the skill of prioritizing work efficiently. Prioritizing your work helps you become more accountable and ensures that all your efforts are properly routed to realize the most important goal developing your businesses.

During business coaching lessons, the coach closely observes you and provides you with an objective feedback, to help you analyze and work out solutions to get the business back on track. For effective coaching, it is important that the business coach has a good understanding of your business and provides you with a sincere assessment of your Business Development Activities, on a regular basis. This form of assessment helps you to concentrate your efforts on areas that require the sharpening of skills. The business coach ensures that you are able to develop better management skills that can have a long-term positive impact on the business.

Selecting a business coach can be easy if you have identified your business requirements. When selecting a business coach, you can enquire for referrals from other business associates. Business coaches adopt different teaching methods and you have the option of selecting a coach whose business and managerial concepts are most appealing and apt for your type of business. Another option is to buy introductory books and audio programs of some of the best coaches, to get a better idea of their field of expertise and their teaching methods. It is also important to employ a business coach who has relevant experience to handle business issues pertaining to your type of business.

Today, the Internet and other technological innovations have facilitated interaction with eminent business coaches around the world. Prior research will help you to obtain information about various business-coaching options available.
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