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Master These 2 Areas And You'll Be A Master Internet Marketer

Aug 17, 2007
Many beginning (and even experienced) online entrepreneurs share the misconception that you need to master every technical aspect associated with doing business online including; finding a website hosting company, building their business website, administering the website, creating website graphics, creating advertising graphics, writing website content, dealing with customer purchases, etc. The list goes on and on.

The truth of the matter is, some of the best Internet Marketers would be completely lost if you asked them to do many of these things. Okay, maybe they can do some of these things - to some degree- but the point is they don't do all of these things. And if you want to be a good internet marketer, then you really only need to concentrate on mastering the following 2 areas:

1) Writing Advertising Copy - this is the area where the technically savvy entrepreneurs seem to fall behind. You can have the absolute best website selling the absolute best product on the Internet, but if your advertising is lacking, your Internet Marketing campaign will very likely fall flat on its face. It happens all time.

In fact, there are a lot of techies out there that are genius at building websites and even creating informational products, but writing effective advertising is a different ball game - it's something that good technical skills doesn't help. There are many mail order marketing experts that have spent decades refining their techniques to writing great advertising copy. A good internet marketer would gain a lot by studying these people.

2) Generating Website Traffic - this area is quite different than the first. It doesn't have the stability, or the time tested history. And there isn't decades of instructional books that you can study. In fact, books on this subject are usually out of date after a couple short years in print. And that's because the traffic generation techniques of today are constantly changing, which is a good thing, or else there would be a handful of companies that monopolize the process and horde all of the traffic. One of the best ways of learning these techniques and staying up to date is to study the blogs of successful web marketers.

The more you know of the above two topics the better. Don't get me wrong, it is good to know the high-level detail of the other stuff, but don't try to learn everything. It just isn't possible and you'll only take away from the learning time in the two more important areas above.

Just remember, if you stick to the above two areas, you will find that the other tasks can easily be subcontracted out to others very affordably, and before long, if you put in the effort, you'll be known as an Internet Marketing GURU!
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